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1929 Rolls Royce

Found the coolest thing at West Baden Springs Hotel the other day. Eric and I went to the hotel to walk around the beautiful gardens and when we went indoors we were surprised to find a car sitting under the dome in the atrium. So cool. The story of the car is the last image. Hope you enjoy the photos. 🙂



My Big Brother

I lost another brother this week. This poem is for John.

My Big Brother

with a personality larger than life.

Your big booming laugh and wild stories.

Your love of practical jokes

all played in good humor, not spite.

So daring, so bold,

So generous and kind.

The big brother every girl dreams of,

A brother to cherish and hold.

So many lessons learned,

You taught me to laugh, you taught me to love.

You treated me like a princess,

Protected and adored.

So many things shared,

So many things said.

Memories galore,

but never enough

never enough


Elizabeth Melton Parsons



Christmas Downsized Makes Precious Memories

Flashback in time to better days. Post from 2011

Elizabeth Melton Parsons

Another Christmas is over and the New Year fast approaching. With the economy in such sad shape, our family looked for ways to economize this Christmas. We gave more generously to the Salvation Army and Goodwill, making our budget smaller, but knew that as small as our budget was, others were much smaller if not non-existent.

My teenaged son is pretty cool. He never asks for much and is always happy with what he gets. Which of course makes me as his mother want to buy him more. But he didn’t get any of the high-tech items on most kids wish list. The only electronic gadget he got this year was a new cell phone and he wouldn’t have gotten that except that his old one had a bad screen. He was so thrilled with that phone. And that made me happy I splurged on it. My husband and I went to a used DVD store and…

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Giving Thanks


First Holiday since my husband passed so I’m not in a celebrating kind of mood, but I do give thanks for my sons who will be with me today. I couldn’t let Thanksgiving go by without also giving thanks for all of you. I’m grateful. For all those celebrating Thanksgiving today I wish you a joyful day and for my friends in other countries not celebrating Thanksgiving, as always I wish you the very best. Love you all. ❤


I Never Lost As Much-Emily Dickinson

I Never Lost As Much

I never lost as much but twice,
And that was in the sod.
Twice have I stood a beggar
Before the door of God!

Angels, twice descending,
Reimbursed my store.
Burglar, banker, father,
I am poor once more!

– Emily Dickinson


Nature Preserve and Metal Art Photos

Hi everyone. Hope you guys are having a fantastic summer. I don’t have time for a true post, but wanted to update a little around here. Thought I’d post a few photos of the places I’ve visited recently. Hope to see you all soon. 🙂 You can click the links to check out these great places.

Rothrock Mill Bridge

Rothrock Mill Bridge

Hayswood Nature Preserve

Hayswood Nature Preserve

Hayswood Nature Preserve

Hayswood Nature Preserve




For Claudette

Once again I’m posting my remembrance poem in honor of a lost loved one. First I’d like thank all of you for your beautiful, thoughtful comments and prayers. I’m taking this week, then I’ll be back. ❤

taze-family 001


Remember Me

Remember me_

not as a date or time,

but as a person.

Remember me_ 

I was weakI was strong.

I was afraidI was brave.

Remember me_

I had wantsI had desires.

I had needsI had goals.

Remember me_

not as an event in history,

but as an individual.

Remember me_ 

I lived I loved,

I laughedI danced.

Remember me_

ÓElizabeth Melton Parsons


Tis The Season

Christmas Wallpaper

Tis the season to be jolly. Unfortunately things have not been especially jolly around here lately. If I believed in curses, I’d swear someone had put one on me. Seems as if anything that can go wrong has done so. But having said that, I am jolly all the same because I had a fantabulous Thanksgiving!

A house full of adults talking, laughing. Kids running around and being silly, the dog going nuts from excitement, The food was perfect. Of course that could be my own biased opinion, but since I received many compliments even from those who are not above telling you exactly what they think, I’m pretty sure it was okay. I was very tired (a happy tired) from cooking for two days, everyone ate too much except myself. Unfortunately I must watch my diet even on holidays, so while everyone was rubbing their tummy and moaning, I was feeling smug. It was wonderful. 😀 That is until I began slicing the pumpkin pies I’d made and realized I couldn’t have any. Then I was the one moaning. 😦

Eventually all the guests left and Eric headed back to IU. So now I’ve been decorating for Christmas. I’ve finished inside and will start outside as soon as the atrocious weather clears a little. Hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a day as wonderful as mine. I’m trying to work through my list of return visits to you guys. I have a lot to make so it will take a few days, but I promise to visit you all asap. Many hugs from me to you. ❤