Elizabeth Melton Parsons



Tulip Poplar

The beautiful Tulip Polar trees are flowering.



Spring for a Day

Last week we had over 14 inches of snow on the ground. Then it rained and melted about half of it. But it was a short lived reprieve. It then sleeted, turned to snow and dumped another 12 inches. And to think I used to love winter and the white stuff that comes with it. Three days ago it rained and rained, melting all the white stuff. Yesterday it was a lovely 56 degrees. Today it’s in the 60’s. I had to go tramping along the creek to blow away the winter cobwebs. During my walk, I saw something glorious. Purple, purple everywhere-crocus blossoms turning the dead field to a carpet of beauty. I snapped a few really bad photos with my phone and even stopped to pick a small bouquet to remind me that, if even only for a day, spring has sprung. I’m happy. 🙂


Photo2254 Photo2251 Photo2250 Photo2257


What is This Flower?

My husband took these photos the other day. I don’t recognize the plant.  So of course I came to ask all you fantastic gardeners. Anyone out there know what it is? You can click the images for much larger versions.

red flower

red flower-2