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Reviews for Captive Fear/NO EXIT

NO EXIT is a rewritten, republished edition of Captive Fear

Captive Fear/NO EXIT:

“A chilling read adequately depicts Captive Fear by E. G. Parsons. The author vividly describes a story that has you feeling it is frighteningly real.”

“This enticing novel tells the story of several women being kidnapped and tortured by a mad man. In addition a four-year-old boy is missing and feared dead.”

“The masked man meticulously selects his victims and gains the help of another demented individual to assist him.”

“The women held captive try to stay strong but often times find themselves doubting their rescue. Some of them wish for death instead of being forced to endure the madness of those who torture them.”

“The police are searching for the women and the culprits, however every trail turns cold. A wealthy businessman becomes involved in the case while searching for the love of his life that has become a victim as well.”

“Will time run out for these women or will they be saved in the nick of time?”

– – Books2Mention Magazine

2260 Talbot Ridge ~ Jonesboro, Georgia 30236


Women are disappearing in Briarwood. With no leads, and little hope of finding them alive, the local police force is dangerously close to giving up. Enter the terrifying world that E.G. Parsons has created in her debut novel, Captive Fear.

SIX women “collected” by a madman for his personal pleasure and monetary gain. Share their physical and emotional pain as they strive to bolster one another through a hell that threatens their sanity. And their lives.

FOUR men diligently lead the search, each with his own personal agenda. Think you know them? Think again!

TWO monsters stalk their prey in the midst of an ordinary city, monsters so real they will have you looking over your shoulder for weeks.

Drama. Romance. Suspense. It’s in there!

I can not say enough about this amazing new voice in fiction. With her crystal clear dialogue, amazingly lifelike characters, and a true talent for putting and keeping a reader on the edge, E.G. Parsons has blended her talents as both poet and storyteller to create a story that seems to flow effortlessly from beautifully compassionate to cold blooded and gritty.

If you do not read another book this year, read this one.

M. Jean Pike

Award winning author of Waiting for the Rain


Having just finished reading Captive Fear by E.G. Parsons, I would like to officially go on record as having found my new favorite author!

The story tells us about the horrific but true practice of human trafficking. But not only of that, it also tells us the stories of true love, of deceit and of deception. It is certainly a page turner. The rest of the world can go by as you delve deeper into the lives of Alexia, Ambrose, Meg and Matt.

This author impressed me as she weaves the story flawlessly from one chapter to the next. Leaving you wanting more. It was a pleasure to read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes books of this genre.

Patti Schoor

Author of Going Home For Love


Our heroine Alexia is living her perfect life in the perfect town of Briarwood. She is planning her upcoming wedding to the handsome police captain Matt Barns. Suddenly, her world gets turned upside down. She sees another side of her fiancé that she does not like and calls off the wedding. Then, on the evening of what was to have been her bachelorette party, she and her best friend Meg are abducted from Meg’s apartment. Will she become one of the other missing women from the area that have never been found? Or will her savior be the man that she has known almost her whole life, but never liked, Ambrose Elliot. This is a tale of intrigue, romance and the brutality of the deviant world of human trafficking.

I thought this book was great.  It started a little slow but when the pace picked up, I couldn’t stop reading. The brutality of the rapes were done well, not too graphic, but you knew the pain that was being inflicted, both mentally and physically.

I would give this book a solid 4 lighthouses.

Reviewed by:  Steve
Lighthouse Literary Reviews


‘Captive Fear’ has captured my heart! From its prologue this book had me in! Chapter after chapter, it just got better and better as Elizabeth took me on a spine-chilling journey, meeting each character; heroes AND villains.

All those in between the story just added to its intensity! This book is fantastic, but also quite an eye-opener. We are so caught up with each victim, and their own personal stories we actually feel as though we are right there and I found myself unable to take any breaks between the pages. Twists & turns that keep you spellbound!

This Author deserves more recognition and be commended on her work!

I can’t wait to read her next novel!!!


Debbie Stevens

Editor Global Music Star

Deputy Editor Writing Edge Magazine


That was some read, was Captive Fear.

You have courage, to take issues like rape, child abuse, human trafficking and murder the way you have done. You were quite right, realistic to an almost frightening degree. I would not have picked out the culprit on reading, although it was pretty clear in retrospect.

Not a book for all readers, I found it at times difficult going and hard to stomach. Your characterization of Ambrose Elliott as a man of power I found difficult to grasp at first, it was not terribly clear. You run the risk that you put people off a gripping yarn by perhaps being too graphic in your portrayal of the rapes and the murders.

Nonetheless, as a thriller: excellent writing, well handled – and very graphic.

Hope it sells well!  Guido – Scotland

I love this book. I want to tell you, I have some people here that just love your books they say that you’re the best writer that they’ve ever seen, so you might say you have your own fan club. Well I just wanted to tell you that. Keep up the good work… Alice – Ohio

I have to mention that I have been reading the book (Captive fear) …it is so very, very exciting and also a sad story….but sooooo very great. If there is someone in here as never have been reading this book…then you really miss something in your life. I loved it!!!!!!!….Celina – Norway

I don’t read a lot of fiction, but I started reading Captive Fear and sat up all night reading. I couldn’t put it down, it was that good….Josh – Indiana

I’m an avid reader, but I never read a book that kept me so glued to the pages. Captive Fear is by far my favorite book of all time…Annette – Indiana

I’m a little too squeamish for this kind of book. To be honest, it scared the heck out of me. A friend recommended it, saying it was the best book ever and if you can handle graphic suspense, then you will like it. Great characters, great dialogue, great suspense. I was shocked at the ending. Molly – Florida

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