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A Poem-A Painting

Goddess of Light

Goddess of Light

Goddess of Poetry and Light 

Walking a world of darkness,

she spreads her flashing light.

With words as swords of freedom,

she fights a courageous fight.

Lightening flashes ‘round her,

as she speaks her words with care.

To those with understanding

and a need the soul to bare.

Flowing from pen to paper,

emotions rushing forth.

The mind a writer’s jumble,

allowing words to take their course.

The Goddess stands beside us

guiding our hands as we write.

Burning our souls on paper

and bringing the world to light.

The darkness pushes toward us

casting shadows on our souls.

Our Goddess throws forth the light

cast by our words so strong, so bold.

©Elizabeth Melton Parsons



I was watching some YouTube videos a few weeks ago and found this painting tutorial. It was cute, romantic and looked like so much fun, I had to try it. Took me awhile to find the time, but I finally did. I was a little worried about sketching in the couple silhouette because as I’ve said before, I can’t draw. I also had no ink in my printer, so I couldn’t do her suggestion of printing, cutting it out and then tracing around the outline. So it was sketch it or not do it. I think my sketch turned out okay. I used a 16×20 canvas because I didn’t have a huge piece of hardboard like she used. And I used a brush to paint in my rain because I just happen to like the look of the shorter strokes as opposed to the long lines of rain from the drip technique. This was such fun and so relaxing. I loved doing it. Here’s the link to her video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaDtY1WZybY  I’ve also added a couple of other recent paintings.

Rainy Day Romance

Rainy Day Romance

Winter Morning

Winter Morning