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Road Trip-League of Our Own Bus-Photos

Eric and I decided to take a little road trip earlier this week. We visited Holland, Indiana. Holland is a small town west of Huntingburg and home of the Holland Dairy/Prairie Farms dairy foods. Although not a lot there, they do have a very nice little park with a walking trail along the lake, a large globe and purple people eater. 😉 But the main draw for us is the windmill. We hadn’t been there since Eric was about 5 years old so it was nice to see it again. In Huntingburg we spotted the Rockford Peaches bus from the movie A League of Our Own and decided to snap a few photos. Some day soon I’ll have to go back and visit the ball park where parts of the movie were filmed. Haven’t been there for years.




My Big Brother

I lost another brother this week. This poem is for John.

My Big Brother

with a personality larger than life.

Your big booming laugh and wild stories.

Your love of practical jokes

all played in good humor, not spite.

So daring, so bold,

So generous and kind.

The big brother every girl dreams of,

A brother to cherish and hold.

So many lessons learned,

You taught me to laugh, you taught me to love.

You treated me like a princess,

Protected and adored.

So many things shared,

So many things said.

Memories galore,

but never enough

never enough


Elizabeth Melton Parsons



Giving Thanks


First Holiday since my husband passed so I’m not in a celebrating kind of mood, but I do give thanks for my sons who will be with me today. I couldn’t let Thanksgiving go by without also giving thanks for all of you. I’m grateful. For all those celebrating Thanksgiving today I wish you a joyful day and for my friends in other countries not celebrating Thanksgiving, as always I wish you the very best. Love you all. ❤


Monday Morning

Monday Morning

Monday Morning

The beginning of a new week–the beginning of–well, new beginnings. I think I’d like to start this year over. First, I’ve made a decision about my blog buddy posts. A blog is kind of like a big party. You go and meet new people, sometimes it’s an instant attraction and you become life long friends or just friendly acquaintances. Whichever, it’s a satisfying experience for you both. That was my purpose in starting the blog buddy thing. I still like the idea. The problem is I was going to leave myself out of the party. That’s something no good hostess would ever do so I’m reducing the blog buddy posts to every Friday when possible. I hope this will help introduce you to some wonderful new bloggers, as well as show my appreciation for all the hard work you put into your blogs and for the support you’ve given me. My personal, random posting will continue as before. In light of that, I’m posting some sunrise shots I snapped this morning and some shots from Christmas that I’d posted on Facebook, but hadn’t shared here. Eric made an old west gingerbread saloon and a fresh pine wreath for the fence. Click the photos for larger images.




gingerbread saloon-eric gingerbread saloon-eric-front









gingerbread saloon-ericwreath-eric





For Claudette

Once again I’m posting my remembrance poem in honor of a lost loved one. First I’d like thank all of you for your beautiful, thoughtful comments and prayers. I’m taking this week, then I’ll be back. ❤

taze-family 001


Remember Me

Remember me_

not as a date or time,

but as a person.

Remember me_ 

I was weakI was strong.

I was afraidI was brave.

Remember me_

I had wantsI had desires.

I had needsI had goals.

Remember me_

not as an event in history,

but as an individual.

Remember me_ 

I lived I loved,

I laughedI danced.

Remember me_

ÓElizabeth Melton Parsons


Tis The Season

Christmas Wallpaper

Tis the season to be jolly. Unfortunately things have not been especially jolly around here lately. If I believed in curses, I’d swear someone had put one on me. Seems as if anything that can go wrong has done so. But having said that, I am jolly all the same because I had a fantabulous Thanksgiving!

A house full of adults talking, laughing. Kids running around and being silly, the dog going nuts from excitement, The food was perfect. Of course that could be my own biased opinion, but since I received many compliments even from those who are not above telling you exactly what they think, I’m pretty sure it was okay. I was very tired (a happy tired) from cooking for two days, everyone ate too much except myself. Unfortunately I must watch my diet even on holidays, so while everyone was rubbing their tummy and moaning, I was feeling smug. It was wonderful. 😀 That is until I began slicing the pumpkin pies I’d made and realized I couldn’t have any. Then I was the one moaning. 😦

Eventually all the guests left and Eric headed back to IU. So now I’ve been decorating for Christmas. I’ve finished inside and will start outside as soon as the atrocious weather clears a little. Hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a day as wonderful as mine. I’m trying to work through my list of return visits to you guys. I have a lot to make so it will take a few days, but I promise to visit you all asap. Many hugs from me to you. ❤


Thank-you! And Some Snow Photos

Wow, what an outpouring of support all you wonderful bloggers offered. I doubt I could ever thank you enough or explain just how much it means to me. Normally that kind of nastiness doesn’t get to me like that or make me so angry, but I’d been terribly stressed over a number of other things. I had my annual cardiologist check coming up and I didn’t think it was going to go well. But, the most important thing was worry about my brother. Most of you know I’ve lost two brothers and I cherish every moment with my remaining two as well as my sister.

The brother I’m closest to has spent the better part of two years in the hospital due to complications from surgery. He seemed to finally be on the mend, but then this autumn he’s had four bouts of pneumonia and called me from the hospital with even more distressing news. They’d done an MRI and found a spot on his lungs that had grown considerably bigger than it had been two months earlier. The doctor said it could possibly be scar tissue from the pneumonia, but he didn’t think so. He suspected cancer and wanted to do a biopsy. I told my brother not to worry because I was sure it was just scar tissue. I said it and I meant it, but that didn’t keep me from being totally freaked out.

I was trying to stay positive and one of the the things I do to de-stress is to come on here and see what all you guys are up to. And as usual I was offered a smorgasbord of beauty, inspiration, and humor. I was feeling pretty good until I read that comment. It was not the right time for me to deal with it and I became angry. Very angry. Thus my Goodbye post. And at the time I meant it. My brother’s biopsy came back 98% not cancer. Thank God. They will check it again in two months, but for now it is good news. My doctor visit went well. Much better than I was expecting. I still have other huge stresses, but at least those two are behind me for now. And when I saw all the wonderful, supportive comments, I decided to change my mind and continue blogging. So again thank you!

Now here are some snow photos I took yesterday. It was beautiful, especially when the sun came out with the white trees against the blue sky. They sparkled like crystal against the vibrant blue. No way could my phone capture such beauty, but I wanted to share them with you. I appreciated the beauty, but it is way too early for this much white stuff, not to mention the 10 degree temperature this morning. Burrr…..

snow-trees-blue sky-nov-2014 snow flowers-nov-2014 snow-nov-2014 snow-nov-2014-back snow-street-trees-sky-nov-2014 snow-trees and blue sky-nov-2014


Falling Trees and a Return to College

Things have been crazy around here this week, so I may not be around for awhile. But I shall return. Monday a Catalpa tree growing beside the back side of my garage fell on the garage. (There are photos below.) The other craziness is from getting my son ready to go back to IU. So I’ll see you guys when I have more time. Take care. Hugs, Elizabeth

tree on garage-6

tree on garage-2

tree on garage-3

tree on garage-4

tree on garage-5