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Reviews for Black Rock

Reviews for Black Rock

5 Shoe Review From Working Girl Reviews

This book has been on my TBR (To Be Read) pile for quite awhile. I was waiting until I was in the mood for a good historical romance to read it. What a mistake that was! If I had known just how good Black Rock: A Time for Love was going to be I would have read it weeks ago.

The author sets the stage for this wonderfully intriguing story with a brief prologue. The year is 1846. On a small ranch in the town of Wild Rose, Texas, two ranch hands have mysteriously disappeared inside the magnificent black rock from which Black Rock Ranch takes its name.

As the story opens, more than fifty years later, twenty-year-old Roxanne Ingram is looking forward to returning home to Black Rock Ranch after ten years in a Boston girls’ school. Shortly before her departure, Roxanne gets word that her beloved father has passed away, and she will be retuning as sole heir to the family ranch. Confusion is added to grief, when, attempting to settle the estate, Roxanne discovers the date of birth recorded for her in the family Bible does not match the one she has always known to be her true birth date. Touring the ranch, which she now owns, Roxanne has an unexpected encounter with Collin, who has come to study the giant black rock on the edge of her property. She is outraged by his rudeness, but can’t help being attracted to the irresistibly handsome Colin. Shortly after her encounter with Colin, Roxanne meets charming Brad Wellman, the wealthy rancher whose property adjoins her own. As both men vie for her affections, it becomes a race against time for the two men — one a deadly villain, and the other a prince charming who holds the key to the shocking secrets of Roxanne’s origin.

If you’re looking for a beautiful historical romance you need look no further than Black Rock: A Time For Love. The author is so in tune with the late 1800s that it almost seems as though she must have lived them in a former life. The clothing, customs, and dialogue are written to perfection as the story moves seamlessly from one breathtaking scene to the next. The paranormal twist to this story is a most intriguing and welcome bonus. Roxanne is a thoroughly likeable heroine, and Colin will steal your breath away! I highly recommend this book to any lover of paranormal and/or historical fiction, or to anyone who just plain loves a good story. 


A+ Review from Simply Romance Reviews…

E.G. Parsons has out done herself with her mystic paranormal romance story called Black Rock.

The main character, Roxanne Ingram, inherits her parent’s home, Black Rock Ranch, when she receives a letter notifying her about the death of her father. Once at the ranch, Roxanne meets the dashing and sexy rogue Collin O’Neal and the sparks fly. Together, they overcome dangerous obstacles that are brought on by the infamous Brad Wellman.  Brad will stop at nothing to have Black Rock Ranch all to himself.

The story entails such riveting action from kidnapping to murder and to add the best for last, a mystical rock that is a portal to other years: past and future.  How awesome is that!

Simply Romance Reviews ~ Reviewed by Mireille

Review From Romance Reader At Heart…

BLACK ROCK: A TIME FOR LOVE is a charming, witty, refreshing book for romance lovers of all genres…

Roxanne knows that there is a mystery surrounding the big black rock that is on her father’s land. It has been rumored that people disappear when they get to close to the rock during a thunderstorm. While she is away at school, the unthinkable happens, and her father passes away and suddenly the land, the house—and the rock—all become hers.

Collin is a big, huge question mark in Roxanne’s mind. On the one hand, he infuriates the heck out of her, and on the other, she just wants to grab him and give him a big ol’ kiss. His infatuation with the rock and his insistence that it “isn’t time yet” keep Roxanne feeling completely unsure of what she is getting herself into. What Roxanne doesn’t know is that Colin has a whopper of a surprise for her, and when she finds out what it is and what he is all about, she is completely shocked—and so was I!

My only complaint about this book at all is that I wish there was a little more character development. Almost immediately upon meeting the chaste, shy Roxanne, Colin plants one on her, and that just didn’t ring true for me. But the rest of the book more than makes up for it, as we get to watch as a beautiful relationship unfolds between Roxanne and Collin.

Miss Parsons writes a fascinating book, and I would love to read more stories about the black rock, if there are more forthcoming!

Romance Reader At Heart ~ Reviewed by Kristal Gorman


Review From LASR…

Black Rock – A Time for Love is an original treatment of the popular time travel romance genre. Roxanne, having actually been born in 1979 but thrust back in time as a toddler to the late nineteenth century, has to deal with the reality of her circumstances. It is clever how Ms. Parsons weaves the elements of the story together, joining aspects of the tale between one time and another. Roxanne’s uncertainty is understandable, and the way she works through her dilemma and adapts to her new surroundings illustrates her inner strength.

Collin’s character is completely engaging. He comes off as a total rogue, but as the drama unfolds, we discover that he really isn’t — not from a twenty-first century perspective, anyway. He is, however, adverse to commitment and the slow manner in which Roxanne works her way under his skin is pure delight.

Bradford Wellman, the antagonist, was a little too vicious for me. His maliciousness is explained and supported to a point, but he performs some acts that, in my opinion, are a little over the top and perhaps unnecessary. His basic motivation, however, sustains the overall plot so his super-meanness didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the story.

Roxanne and Collin’s saga is uniquely satisfying. I heartily recommend it and look forward to other selections by Ms. Parsons.

Long And Short Reviews ~ Review by Camomile


Review From Manic Readers

After the death of her beloved father, Roxanne returns from school in Boston to Black Rock Ranch determined to make the best of it. During the process of signing over all the property to her per her father’s will, she discovers that she isn’t who she thought she was. She doesn’t know where she came from but she knows she was dearly loved by the couple who raised her as their child. Collin, a neighbor, claims she is from the future and needs to return with him. Brad, another neighbor wants to control Roxanne and take over the ownership of the ranch by marrying her, after all in the 1800’s women are not thought to be capable of running ranches. Who should Roxanne trust and whom should she believe? And why can’t she just do what she wants?

Black Rock: A Time For Love was a very interesting story and I liked Collin and Roxanne. I was not real thrilled with the way the some of the story winds up; too much seems unsettled and unresolved. Maybe there will be a sequel to wind up the loose ends?

Collin and Roxanne are both strong, intelligent characters who have to come to terms with time travel and learn to adjust to a different period. Collin finds himself in the late 1800’s searching for the missing Roxanne who was stolen from her family at two years old and sent back into the past. Roxanne has been raised in the late 1800’s and thinks Collin is crazy to expect her to want to “go home” to the future, one she knows nothing about. But it may no longer be safe to remain in the past as someone intends her harm. The one thing Collin and Roxanne seem to be able to agree on is their undeniable attraction to each other. But for the couple to be together one of them will have to live in a time period they are uncomfortable with. I enjoyed the connection between Collin and Roxanne and I appropriately hated the evil bad guy. The situation detailed in the story is fascinating and if a sequel is released, I will have to read it to see if the remaining questions are finally resolved!

Manic Readers ~ Reviewed by Stevi B.

5 Stars – Review From M. Jean Pike…

E. G. Parsons’ new release, Black Rock: A Time for Love is a sweeping tale of love, deceit, and a woman caught between two different worlds. After her father’s death, twenty-one-year old Roxanne returns from a girl’s school in Boston to Wild Rose, Texas to take over operation of the family ranch. Crushed by grief, it would seem Roxanne has enough to deal with but her troubles have only just begun. Headstrong and capable as she is beautiful, Roxanne soon encounters ruggedly handsome Collin and is hard pressed to resist the attraction she feels for this rude, roguish man. But Collin is not all that he appears on the surface.

I found myself turning pages at breakneck speed as their romance unfolded against incredible odds and the astonishing truth of Roxanne’s past was revealed. E.G. Parsons’ knowledge of the 1800s is unparalleled. Combined with her brilliant imagination and flair for creating living, breathing characters, she once again holds her readers spellbound and begging for more. Black Rock: A Time for Love is a winner!

……..M. Jean Pike

Award winning author of The Winds Of Autumn, Waiting For The Rain, and Heatherfield 

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