Elizabeth Melton Parsons


Reviews for Winter of the Heart

A historical romantic novel, set in the USA of the post civil war era.

A young woman applies for a job as teacher on an estate in South Carolina, but gets more than she bargained for. Her employer is similarly affected, a grim mask soon falling off as romance blossoms. Both, however, have a past and it soon comes back to haunt them, and in one case claim them. Or will it?

A nicely written story, which captivates the reader right from the start. The scenes are described with great clarity in the historical backdrop of those years in the 19th century. The story benefits greatly from a good characterisation, on both sides of the spectrum of good and bad. The parallels between the two central characters, which lie central to the story, are uncanny but appear by no means contrived. A momentum is always maintained in this story, even when there is little activity due to the conditions on the ground.

The eventual outcome provides closure for both the main personalities, and hope for a third – I am looking forward to the sequel in 2010.

E.G. Parsons has written a great story, one that shows a deepening and progression in her writing.

I wish Winter of the Heart well.

Guido Blokland


Four and a half book review from LASR:

“This touching historical takes readers on an emotional journey that is hard to forget as a woman in an abusive relationship seeks to make a better life for herself and finds a love she never expected.

The story gets off to a heartbreaking start as get a glimpse of the past that haunts the hero, Charles Donovan. Still haunted by this past, wealthy rancher Charles has hired Megan Connors to teach the children who live on his ranch not knowing that the lovely young woman is running from a past she is trying to hide. And when that past catches up to her it could ruin the budding relationship that exists between Megan and Charles.

I was captivated by this story and I could not wait to see what would happen next. It was a very emotional read and my heart ached for both Megan and Charles. They made an interesting couple, but there are several obstacles standing in their way of happiness. As they seek to overcome these obstacles they both take an emotional journey full of heartache and misunderstandings that threatens to destroy the love they feel for one another.

Read the entire review – http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.com/2009/04/winter-of-heart-by-eg-parsons.html

Recommended Read from AllBooks Review:

It is 1876. Megan Connors, alias Maggie Bertram is married to a horrible, abusive man. She manages to escape and acquires employment as a school teacher on a ranch, owned by Charles Donovan, in South Carolina. The instant chemistry between Megan and her new employer is obvious to everyone. Life seems to be improving by the day. A rather strange encounter with the ghost of Charles first wife, Rachel is rather unsettling. It seems that Rachel wants Megan to help Charles find love. Charles is still haunted by a letter that Rachel left just before her death.

Megan loves her job and now has a new friend, Alicia Jordan. One day Megan’s world is shattered when William O’Brian, her husband, finds her and insists on taking her with him. In spite of his feelings for her, Charles Donovan does nothing to stand in William’s way and Megan leaves.

When Charles realizes that the man is a beast and Megan might be in danger; he hires a private investigator to find her. He cannot deny his love for her. Megan, abused and locked in her room struggles to be free. One night she can no longer tolerate the abuse and she again escapes. Will Charles find her? Will she survive the mountain winter on her own? Will William reappear and recapture her?  All of these questions will be answered in Winter of the Heart.

The characters are realistic and colorful, the plot is suspenseful and the entire story is overflowing with heartfelt emotion. Romance fans will love this book. A book that readers will have trouble putting down until the final conclusion. Well written, well researched and a very entertaining read.

Highly recommended by Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review. www.allbookreviews.com

Five Rose Review from RWU (Romance Writers United)

Desperate to escape her abusive home life, Megan Connors flees to rural South Carolina, where she accepts a position as a schoolteacher on a prosperous but secluded ranch. Wealthy ranch owner Charles Donovan, a man haunted by the ghosts of his past, is immediately attracted to the beautiful, headstrong Megan. Though Megan shares the attraction, she resists her feelings for Charles, afraid of the terrible secret that casts a dark shadow across her new-found happiness.  Together, these star-crossed lovers must reconcile both past and present dangers if they are to lay their ghosts to rest and find a future together.

I opened the cover of Winter of the Heart expecting a romance that would sweep me off my feet. As always, E. G. Parsons delivered. The imagery in this novel is exquisite, allowing the reader to envision life in 1800’s as clearly as if she were staring into a beautiful and lifelike painting. Charles and Megan are likable, believable characters that you can’t help caring about and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them. The plot has something for everyone; history, romance, a hottie hero and it even contains a shivery ghost story for lovers of paranormal romance. All these factors combine to make Winter of the Heart E. G. Parsons’ most beautiful love story yet.

Reviewed by: award winning novelist M. Jean Pike

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