Elizabeth Melton Parsons


Lizzie And The Boy’s Club

Lizzie and the Boy’s Club

by E. G. Parsons


Growing up in the Florida Everglades, Lizzie, an undisputed tomboy, doesn’t have to look for trouble. It finds her. Determined to prove a girl is every bit as good as a boy, she tries to join the Everglade Rebels, an all boy’s club. Come with Lizzie on her adventures, as she makes a bid for female equality. A story for both children and adults, “Lizzie And The Boy’s Club” will take you back to a time of coal oil lanterns and outhouses. A wholesome adventure about friends, family, and one little girl who can’t stay out of trouble.

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Large print paperback on Amazon

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5 thoughts on “Lizzie And The Boy’s Club

  1. Absolutely ADORE this book! Hoping the author MIGHT decide to make a series…..♥


  2. Thanks, Debbie. Your words are music to my ears. It’s hard for true story books like ‘Lizzie’ to compete with fantasy books like Harry Potter, but since we’ve spoken several times about this and I’ve had a few other readers request a series…it’s now in the works. The next installment, Lizzie and the Haunted House will be released some time in 2012. Will keep you updated as to actual date of release. Take care, Elizabeth 🙂


  3. Hi Lizzie! I spent 2 weeks in Florida last year and I did go to the Everglades, of course… Btw, I’m a rebel, too… 🙂 Thanx for dropping by the NP, my very best and good night in the US! Tons of inspiration and see you asap! Cheers, Mélanie


    • Melanie, welcome. I like your site very much. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your trip to the Everglades. My family still living in the area says they have built so far into the glades, I wouldn’t recognize it. It was always such a wild and beautiful place. Hate to see it all built up. Have a nice day. ‘Lizzie’


  4. Hi Elizabeth

    Hope your brother is well. Sometimes life seems to repeatedly hit us on the head, making it painful to keep our chin up.
    If you do continue the Lizzie series I can guarantee you a sure sale. Good luck.


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