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Another Hawk and some Pelicans

These guys are stalking my dog and since they are mostly young ones their nest site must be near. On a brighter note snapped some shots of these pelicans on the beach. You can click on the pictures for much larger images. 🙂

red shoulder hawk 2





Photos-Daytona Beach Sunrise

Been here a couple of weeks and still have tons and tons to do, but I have been to the beach a few times and took some sunrise pictures with my phone. They aren’t the best quality, but wanted to share them with all my blog buddies. Will be back when I can. Love ya!




1 House

Sunrise-Daytona-Beach-FLThought I’d better let everyone know what’s been going on and why I’ve not been around much. As most of you already know, my husband was born and spent most of his life in Miami, Florida. And although I was born in Michigan, I spent a good deal of my childhood and early adult life in Homestead, Florida. My husband has been here in Indiana for about 12 years and for most of that time he’s been trying to convince me to move back to Florida. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but about a year and a half ago I finally said- “Okay, if that’s what you want, we’ll try to make it happen.”

I never realized what a long and drawn out adventure this would become. We hit the market at a great time. The economy hit Florida pretty hard, so homes were selling much more reasonably than I could ever remember them selling. First we had to decide on a location. I didn’t want to return to Homestead and my husband didn’t want to go back to Miami.  We decided Palm Bay was where we wanted to be. Unfortunately the homes we settled on looked lovely but had Chinese drywall installed. Since there weren’t a lot of older homes without the stuff, we made the decision to settle in Cocoa which is right across the intracoastal from Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island. A lovely little city. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get everything done around here soon enough and the few houses we were interested in sold. After that the real estate market in Cocoa and Merritt Island heated up and prices began to rise.

We didn’t want a total fixer so we moved our search up the coast to Titusville. The home we tried to buy there turned out to have serious foundation issues. A few others didn’t work out either. My husband had said he didn’t want to live in Daytona because the surfing wasn’t great there. (he’s a surfer) But I finally convinced him to do some research on the area and when he found out Daytona Beach is only 10 miles from Ponce Inlet, he was all for it. After many home inspections and appraisals we finally managed to purchase a cute little ranch style 3.5 miles from the beach. I’m in the process of sorting, packing and cleaning. I plan to leave in about a week. But I’m also having some dental work done. Depending on how that goes the trip may have to be postponed a little. I don’t know when I’ll be back to posting on a more regular basis, but I’ll try to take some pictures to post once I’m settled. Love and hugs to you all. ❤ Elizabeth


Spring Mill State Park

Revisit history in Mitchell Indiana at Spring Mill State Park Historic Village or commune with nature on the many hiking or biking trails and if you love space travel stop in at the Gus Grissom Memorial. I adore this place so I took Eric here today and wanted to share the photos. Hope you enjoy. To find out more about this beautiful park go here: http://www.in.gov/dnr/parklake/inns/springmill/activities.html


Blue Dresden Mushrooms

Went walking through the woods today and found some beautiful mushrooms. I call them Blue Dresden because they remind me of that kind of china/dishes. The real name is Lactarius Indigo or Indigo Milk Mushroom and they are editable or at least so I’m told. There’s also a young puffball that’s supposed to be editable as well. And I added a picture of these huge red glob fungi. I have no clue what they are, but the odor around them was pretty foul.

Lactarius Indigo

Lactarius Indigo

Blue Milk Mushroom

Blue Milk Mushroom

beautiful blue mushroom

beautiful blue mushroom

A smaller Lactarius Indigo

A smaller Lactarius Indigo

Baby Puffball

Baby Puffball

What are these?

What are these?





Blog Buddy Friday: Takami Ibara


Takami lives in Tokyo and has a photo blog at https://tibaraphoto.wordpress.com. You’ll find some of the most amazing nature photos there. If you love the large cats such as lions and tigers, you’ll love Takami’s beautiful shots of these magnificent animals.

I love photo blogs, nature, and cats so how could I not love Takami’s beautiful blog? Add to all this the fact that she’s a lovely, charming person and you definitely have a winner. Take the time to visit Takami and browse her extraordinary photos. You’ll love them. 🙂

Photo is not mine. All rights belong to Takami Ibara


Spring for a Day

Last week we had over 14 inches of snow on the ground. Then it rained and melted about half of it. But it was a short lived reprieve. It then sleeted, turned to snow and dumped another 12 inches. And to think I used to love winter and the white stuff that comes with it. Three days ago it rained and rained, melting all the white stuff. Yesterday it was a lovely 56 degrees. Today it’s in the 60’s. I had to go tramping along the creek to blow away the winter cobwebs. During my walk, I saw something glorious. Purple, purple everywhere-crocus blossoms turning the dead field to a carpet of beauty. I snapped a few really bad photos with my phone and even stopped to pick a small bouquet to remind me that, if even only for a day, spring has sprung. I’m happy. 🙂


Photo2254 Photo2251 Photo2250 Photo2257