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Nature Preserve and Metal Art Photos

Hi everyone. Hope you guys are having a fantastic summer. I don’t have time for a true post, but wanted to update a little around here. Thought I’d post a few photos of the places I’ve visited recently. Hope to see you all soon. 🙂 You can click the links to check out these great places.

Rothrock Mill Bridge

Rothrock Mill Bridge

Hayswood Nature Preserve

Hayswood Nature Preserve

Hayswood Nature Preserve

Hayswood Nature Preserve




Blog Buddy Friday: Cynthia Reyes

cynthiareyes_agoodhomeToday I continue with my blog buddy posts. Anytime you’d like to catch up on all the other blogs I highlight, just go to the category box to the right and click on other blogs.

For this Blog Buddy Friday post and I’d like you to meet a lovely, courageous lady, Cynthia Reyes at http://cynthiasreyes.com/.

Cynthia is a former journalist and executive producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Her book A Good Home is on my wish list at Amazon and as soon as my book budget opens up a little it will be resting in my kindle. Cynthia’s WordPress blog is a wonderful place to visit filled with tidbits of her life, beautifully written articles, guest interviews and gorgeous photographs. I wanted to highlight Cynthia because although I’ve not known her for very long, I have always loved her blog and admired her for her brave, positive perspective on life. She’s also been very kind and supportive of me. Thank you, Cynthia. When you have a chance, go visit Cynthia, you’ll love her. While there be sure to read her About Page. She has a very impressive background.

Photograph is not mine, it belongs to Cynthia.


Blog Buddy-Day 4 – M. Jean Pike


I’d like to introduce M. Jean Pike. Jean is a teacher who recently made a move from New York to Ohio. She’s also one of the most talented and gifted writers it’s ever been my pleasure to read with seven published novels and a collection of short stories. And even more important she’s a dear friend. Jean and I met years ago when we were both being published by the same publisher and I’ll always be grateful we did. Without her support and input, my last novel probably never would have been finished. Jean has a joint venture blog at About These Things. A lovely blog with photos, inspirational quotes, stories, poems, and scriptures. Hop on over and visit. Or if you’d like to know more about Jean and her books, you can visit her old blog at M. Jean Pike’s Weblog. You can also find her books here on Amazon.

Photo belongs to Jean–Once again I borrowed. 🙂


Merry Christmas and Strange Happenings

christmas wallpaper 2

Eric is coming home for the holidays on Friday and I have a million things to get done before Christmas day so I won’t be around until after Christmas. Thought I’d better hop on here and wish all my buddies a very Merry Christmas. But first I’d like to tell you about a couple of strange things that happened to me recently. As I’ve stated before many times, I’m no longer actively pursuing my writing career. Shoot, I don’t even write anything on most days, although the bug still strikes at times.

When I decided to stop contacting agents and publishers and go to self publishing everyone told me I was nuts, but I never regretted that decision. I loved everything about being an indie author. Maybe I’m just a control freak, maybe not, but I loved it. And when I got the rights to a couple of my books back, I self published them too.

Regardless, I was recently contacted by a prestigious agent with an offer. I ignored it, thinking it some kind of joke. Then a couple of weeks later I was contacted by a very large and well known publisher saying they were extremely interested in my work and asking for a short summary and the first fifty pages of any new manuscript I was working on. I had to laugh. So I immediately set about checking to make sure neither of these were scams. Nope, they were both legit offers. If I’d gotten either of these offers ten years ago, I’d have been over the moon and doing back flips in the front yard. Now I could care less. Very strange. You work hard and get mediocre offers and contracts. You stop caring and you’re offered what you always wanted. I just do not understand that at all. Just goes to show anything is possible. So all you writers waiting for your big break, it could be right around the corner. Don’t give up.

Here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Big Hugs to you all. 🙂 See you soon!


Tis The Season

Christmas Wallpaper

Tis the season to be jolly. Unfortunately things have not been especially jolly around here lately. If I believed in curses, I’d swear someone had put one on me. Seems as if anything that can go wrong has done so. But having said that, I am jolly all the same because I had a fantabulous Thanksgiving!

A house full of adults talking, laughing. Kids running around and being silly, the dog going nuts from excitement, The food was perfect. Of course that could be my own biased opinion, but since I received many compliments even from those who are not above telling you exactly what they think, I’m pretty sure it was okay. I was very tired (a happy tired) from cooking for two days, everyone ate too much except myself. Unfortunately I must watch my diet even on holidays, so while everyone was rubbing their tummy and moaning, I was feeling smug. It was wonderful. 😀 That is until I began slicing the pumpkin pies I’d made and realized I couldn’t have any. Then I was the one moaning. 😦

Eventually all the guests left and Eric headed back to IU. So now I’ve been decorating for Christmas. I’ve finished inside and will start outside as soon as the atrocious weather clears a little. Hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a day as wonderful as mine. I’m trying to work through my list of return visits to you guys. I have a lot to make so it will take a few days, but I promise to visit you all asap. Many hugs from me to you. ❤


The Long Winter

I can’t recall ever wishing so hard for spring. I normally enjoy winter, but this one has cured me of that. I was thinking yesterday that it’s only been three months since we became stuck in the deep freeze. Not that long really. I shouldn’t have such a bad case of cabin fever. I think it’s because normally we’d have a few days or a couple of weeks of cold and maybe some ice or snow, but then we’d have a moderate spell, back and forth. And it goes that way all winter. This year it’s been a never ending freeze out with temps colder than in 20 years. And I believe I’ve only seen the bare yard once this winter. That’s very unusual for this area. Oh well, I’m just whining. Here’s some pictures of this very long winter.

snowy plant

snow and ice 011

snow and ice 007

snow and ice 008

snow and ice 010

icicles 006

ice on plants-4


Daily Prompt: Mirror Mirror


Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances? Photographers, artists, poets: show us MIRRORED.

Bernardo Strozzi - Public Domain

Bernardo Strozzi – Public Domain

Stranger in the Mirror

The face looking back at me,
so haggard and worn.
I’ve not met this face before,
This stranger in the mirror.
Lines of care drawn by pain,
stretching over skin so grey.
I don’t know this face,
This stranger in the mirror.
Why does she stare at me,
with desperation and despair?
I can’t help her. I don’t know her,
This stranger in the mirror.
This face so sad and so beyond repair.
What does she want from me?
Why look at me so?
This stranger in the mirror.
In her eyes, I see the shadows of all yesterdays.
Grief, so bluntly written for all the world to see.
I’m sorry. I don’t know her,
This stranger in the mirror.
How can I help?
Looking back at her,
I see contempt for my lack of compassion.
I look deeper into the eyes of all yesterdays.
I see me.
Me, as I once was, happy, beautiful,
and full of hopes and dreams.
Startled, I jump back.
No, not me!
Just an illusion of things past.
I don’t know this face.
This stranger in the mirror.

Ó Elizabeth Melton Parsons


Mantis Photos and Haiku

hubby holding a mantis

hubby holding a mantis

Okay this post has nothing to do with Halloween, but if you’re like me you may find the way these guys turn their head and look directly at you kind of creepy and spooky. They can turn their heads 180 degrees which is reminiscent of the girl in The Exorcist. (Spooky) The female usually eats the male after mating. (Not nice at all) So maybe when they’re praying, they’re asking forgiveness. But like a lot of my more evil friends, I love them regardless.

posing for a picture

posing for a picture

climbing the pink stairs

climbing the pink stairs

Mantis creeping ‘round the stairs

So fragrant and pink

Seeking prey to munch and eat

climbing, climbing

climbing, climbing

ÓElizabeth Melton Parsons