Elizabeth Melton Parsons


Winter of the Heart – Historical Paranormal Romance


Historical Paranormal Romance by E. G. Parsons

 Brutalized by a man she can never love, Megan Connors flees her Virginia home to start a new life as a schoolteacher on a South Carolina ranch. Steeped in the serenity of her new surroundings, Megan feels her dreams of a good life are finally coming true. Indeed, life would be perfect if not for her infuriatingly rude employer, the wealthy ranch owner Charles Donavan. Unable to deny her growing attraction to Charles, Megan soon discovers the chilling secret behind his grim existence. Determined to help Charles free himself from the ghosts of his past, Megan soon finds herself a target for the wrath of another who stakes a claim to Charles’ love. Megan must defeat a powerful enemy, and confront the demons of her own past if she and Charles are to find happiness and escape the dark shadow that falls across them both.

352 Pages 5 X 8

Amazon Kindle Edition priced at $2.99

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6 thoughts on “Winter of the Heart – Historical Paranormal Romance

  1. When will you sell this in a pdf format. Would love to read.


  2. I didn’t even know there was a paranormal historical fiction! How cool. The book looks great. Also think it’s great that you mention your faith.


  3. Hi, how many have you written? Is this ur fav genre? Unfortunately, I don’t have Kindle, but could you put up a small excerpt so we get a taste of your writing?


    • Hi, there are four novels of mine on Kindle and paperback at present. There is a Kindle for your pc and it’s free. I have it and used it quite a lot until I bought a Kindle tablet. I do have some excerpts scatted about here on the blog. Look in the category drop down box on the right under Novel Excerpts, should be at least a couple there. Thanks so much for coming by to visit. 🙂


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