Elizabeth Melton Parsons


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Beauty of Spring – Wild Violets

Each year as winter draws to a close, I avidly begin watching for the little grape hyacinths, the larger hyacinths, daffodils, and early spring tulips. All of them a joy to behold and beautiful in their own individual way. 

But there’s one sight that never fails to enchant. Early each spring my yard is covered in a breathtaking carpet of wild violets ranging in shades of white, all the way to the deepest purple. There’s even a few pink ones scattered around. Last year my husband spread some granules to kill the dandelions and it did cut down the number of them dramatically, but I was worried it would also kill the violets. Not a chance. If anything there are more than ever, although I would have said that was impossible. I love a lush green carpet of grass and most of the time I envy those able to achieve such a lawn. But the one time I’m not envious is in the spring when I walk around my yard in awe of the sights and scent of my lovely violets.