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Free Print Book – Choose Which One You Want

Best selling author M. Jean Pike is having a Summer Reading Contest and will be giving away a signed copy of one of her phenomenal books — Winner’s choice.  

Check it out: http://www.freewebs.com/mjeanpike/summerreadingcontest.htm



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The Winds Of Autumn by M. Jean Pike

September, 1968… Scorned by her zealot mother after being raped by a cult leader, The Shepherd, eighteen-year-old Angel knows her only hope of survival is escape. On a rainy September night, she flees her mother’s home, unaware of the supernatural forces that guide her on her journey to Littlebrook; a poor, mountain village where nothing ever changes and nothing is as innocent as it seems. Alone and afraid, Angel finds an ally in Don Hanson, the village doctor with a haunted past. Angel’s resemblance to Don’s dead wife, Mary, is the eerily powerful magnet that draws him to her, stirring his shattered heart to love again. But for this unlikely pair, love comes at a high price, as Angel’s mysterious appearance creates a tempest in the small town, reawakening ghosts from the past, and striking vengeance in the dark heart of an enemy Angel didn’t know she had.  

“The Winds Of Autumn” was the first book by M. Jean Pike I had the privilege of reading, but I knew it wouldn’t be the last. The vivid descriptions and very real characters hooked me from the very first page. Add to that the believable paranormal elements and chilling suspense and you have yourself a winner. Ms. Pike has a beautifully unique style of writing that makes reading one of her books a true pleasure.

Ms. Pike will be guest blogging next week and tomorrow I’ll be featuring another of her phenomenal books.

The Winds Of Autumn

  • ISBN-10: 1413795161
  • ISBN-13: 978-1413795165