Elizabeth Melton Parsons


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No Exit – Suspense Novel Excerpt

 99 cents Kindle version and available in paperback

Desperate to escape the abuse and poverty of his youth, the masked man becomes involved in the flesh trade. He’s amassed a fortune by selecting women with specific attributes requested by his buyers and been able to satisfy his own perverted sexual desires. With the help of his partner he’s managed to elude the police, but with having to dispose of one of the women from his previous collection, things are beginning to get messy and he’s determined this will be his last shipment. While the women strive to bolster one another’s courage through a hell that threatens both their sanity and their lives, four men urgently lead the search for their rescue. All four have their own personal agenda and distractions. Once again giving the masked man a chance to evade capture. (Reviews: see reviews for Captive Fear/No Exit to the right)

Excerpt from Chapter 1

He watched the little boy playing across the street. Had watched from his apartment for weeks and sometimes he’d fantasize while watching him ride around on his tricycle. He’d thought about snatching the kid a few times, but Tommy’s mom was always right there keeping a close eye on her young son.

Today was different. He watched as Tommy wandered out of the yard and crossed the street to the alley. Mom was nowhere to be seen. He knew this was his chance and snatching an apple from the bowl on the counter, he ran down the stairs to the back of the ally.

“Hi, Tommy. Remember me?”


“Here, you want this apple?” The little boy took the apple and started to turn away. “Wait, I have toys upstairs. Wouldn’t you like to come up and play?”


Barney snatched him up and went up the back stairs.

After playing toy soldiers with the kid for an hour, Tommy started to whine and wanted to go home. Barney gave him half a sleeping pill in his milk and Tommy went out like a light. Later that evening he watched as the police combed the neighborhood. They’d be at his door soon. Taking long, slow breaths, he tried to remain calm so he’d appear unworried when they questioned him.

All his effort was in vain. He broke into a sweat and his breathing quickened when the pounding on his door finally came. Jerking off his shirt and grabbing the dumbbells lying against the wall, he opened the door. Two uniformed officers looked him over.

He decided belligerence was the way to go. “What do you want? I’m busy.”

Officer Cable’s gaze traveled from the fine sheen of sweat covering the man’s face and chest to the weights he held. Noticing the guy’s increased breathing he shook his head slightly. He’d been on the force for fifteen years and if he didn’t know the man had been exercising, he’d swear he was guilty of something.

“I’m officer Cable, this is my partner, Collins. We need your name and where you work.”

“Real pleased to meet you. Name’s Barney Webber and I work down the street at Mack’s Grocery. What do you want?”

Collins wrote on his notepad and Cable held out an eight by ten glossy of Tommy. “You seen this kid?”

“I see the brat every day. He lives right across the street.”

“Have you seen him today? He’s missing.”

“Yeah, I saw him around four o’clock when I got home from work. He was playing out by the street.”

“See anyone else around him?”

“No, just the kid.”

“Did you see or hear anything else around that time?”

“Look, cop, I ain’t no damned babysitter. I saw the kid when I got home, but I didn’t take inventory.”

“All right, sir. Here’s my card. If you think of anything that might help, maybe something that seemed out of place, give me a call.” The officers turned to go.

“Hey, wait. I did see an old black van parked in front of the kid’s building. I only noticed it cause I’d never seen it before.”

Collins scribbled on his pad. “Do you know the make or model?”

“Ford I think, mid eighties maybe.”

“Did you see anyone in or around the vehicle?”

“Nope, just the van.”

Barney grinned when they’d gone. The part about the old van was a nice touch. His grin disappeared as fast as it came. That Cable seemed like a sharp fellow. He could come back with a search warrant. Tommy was still sleeping in the bedroom and he thought about taking him back to the ally. He could just leave him there for the police to find, but then the kid would tell about him and he’d be arrested.