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Monday Morning

Monday Morning

Monday Morning

The beginning of a new week–the beginning of–well, new beginnings. I think I’d like to start this year over. First, I’ve made a decision about my blog buddy posts. A blog is kind of like a big party. You go and meet new people, sometimes it’s an instant attraction and you become life long friends or just friendly acquaintances. Whichever, it’s a satisfying experience for you both. That was my purpose in starting the blog buddy thing. I still like the idea. The problem is I was going to leave myself out of the party. That’s something no good hostess would ever do so I’m reducing the blog buddy posts to every Friday when possible. I hope this will help introduce you to some wonderful new bloggers, as well as show my appreciation for all the hard work you put into your blogs and for the support you’ve given me. My personal, random posting will continue as before. In light of that, I’m posting some sunrise shots I snapped this morning and some shots from Christmas that I’d posted on Facebook, but hadn’t shared here. Eric made an old west gingerbread saloon and a fresh pine wreath for the fence. Click the photos for larger images.




gingerbread saloon-eric gingerbread saloon-eric-front









gingerbread saloon-ericwreath-eric





Get Off My Back

I thought the title of this post appropriate because I haven’t slept much in a week due to a severe back issue. Haven’t been around here much for the same reason. It’s just too miserable trying to sit and read or type. I have a few things to say and then I won’t be around until I’m feeling better.

Do not take my photos, call them your own, and put them in collections for distribution. That’s a violation of copyright law, not to mention vastly annoying. I found several last week being used this way by different websites. Some offering them for free, others charging a fee. One website owner responded immediately to my email and removed my photo. Thank you for that.

Do not send emails telling other bloggers how to run their blogs. And most especially don’t tell them they are going to burn in hell for the things they post. I don’t dignify such emails with an answer. I’m answering all past, present and future ones right here, right now. This is my blog and until WordPress shuts me down and kicks me out, I will post whatever I please. Don’t send me threats, they might raise my ire a bit, but will have no effect on what I post here. I am not afraid of you. If you have a problem with something I post, that’s what the comment section is for. Have the guts to use it. Don’t hide behind anonymity. And if you don’t like me or my blog or both–please feel free to go away. You will not hurt my feelings one little bit. No one is forcing you to follow my blog or read my posts.

Do not send me emails asking me to buy and leave an Amazon review of your book and telling me you will buy and review mine. I am not fond of these kinds of exchanges because I am not looking for reviews (I do appreciate any I get, but I’m not actively pursuing them). And I’m not looking to improve my sales rank. Most of my books have been on Amazon’s best selling lists (even at number 1) more than once, but even my newest book is over fours years old. That’s why I offer them free as often as Amazon will allow. They’re old and have already sold tens of thousands of copies on Kindle alone. I think they’re done. I am no longer actively promoting them. I’ve said okay to these types of exchanges in the past out of politeness. Unfortunately, I’m usually the only one participating. I buy your book and leave my thoughts on Amazon–but I never hear from you again. That is just rude. I will no longer do this. I do buy a lot of my fellow blogger’s books and will continue to do so when something looks good to me. I don’t expect nor want anything in return for this.

Okay, I’m done. Now to freshen the air around here, how about a few pretty pictures for all my blogosphere friends out there. (if I have any left)

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon





Cloud Wall at Sunrise

Cloud Wall at Sunrise



Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour. In photography, the “golden hour” is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day. Photographers venture out on sunrise hikes or sunset treks to capture a magical shot, due to the quality of the light during that time of day.


I wanted so badly to participate in this challenge. I was hoping to get out and find some really cool shots of shadow and light. Unfortunately it’s been an extremely hectic week for me. So this morning I went out early before I had to leave town and snapped these shots. Not exactly magical shots, but I think they’re nice.

Golden Light-July-18-2013 006-sm

Golden Light-July-18-2013 005-sm

Golden Light-July-18-2013 008-sm

Golden Light-July-18-2013 002-sm

Golden Light-July-18-2013 003-sm

Golden Light-July-18-2013 010-sm

Golden Light-July-18-2013 001-sm

Purple-Dawn-trees-July-18-2013 007