Elizabeth Melton Parsons



A visit from Mr. Peepers

My little friend, Mr. Peepers…. He and his little friends come around every day. His buddies run off when I’m around but Mr. Peepers and I have a bond and he has no fear of me. 🙂


Flowers and Critters

yellow swallotail on white butterfly bush

the nectar of the butterfly bush is oh so sweet

black butterfly-white butterfly bush

black and white

blue morning glory-2

an oyster may have a pearl-a morning glory always has one

flowers and critters 004

Oh, my aching back!!

flowers and critters 005

you want some of this? go ahead make my day!

flowers and critters 007

Susan Sunshine with her dark eyes makes the boys want to cry

flowers and critters 011

one is the loneliest number

flowers and critters 013

pretty in pink-coneflowers

flowers and critters 017

I don’t know this Beetle or is it a Beatle? Paul, maybe?

flowers and critters 021

just a sip will never do

flowers and critters 025

enjoying lunch

flowers and critters 035

out on parole my neighbor, Mr. Bushtail is back to stealing birdseed

Is that the cops I hear?

Is that the cops I hear?