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Frankie’s Heart by M. Jean Pike

My good friend, M. Jean Pike has finally taken her typewriter out of mothballs and has a new book, Frankie’s Heart, a christian romance. It’s available on Amazon Kindle now. The Paperback will be coming soon. I have a feeling this one will be different than some of my most loved books by Jean, but I don’t care. This girl could write about mud and I’d read it. She has a special gift for creating characters and worlds you can lose yourself in. I’m really looking forward to her new offering. So let’s show her some love and head over to Amazon to check out Frankie’s Heart.


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My Books Free for Christmas

Just a heads up for anyone looking for some free holiday reads. My books are free on Kindle through Christmas. ( Dec. 22 – Dec. 26) Just search for E. G. Parsons on Amazon or use links located here on my book pages. Love and hugs to all my blog buddies. ❤


The Eye Dancers by Michael S. Fedison

The Eye DancersThe Eye Dancers by Michael S. Fedison

On Amazon

Michael’s Blog

Seventh-grader Mitchell Brant and three of his classmates inexplicably wake up at the back edge of a softball field to the sounds of a game, the cheering of the crowd. None of them remembers coming here. And as they soon learn, “here” is like no place they’ve ever seen. Cars resemble antiques from the 1950s. There are no cell phones, no PCs. Even the spelling of words is slightly off.

A compulsive liar, constantly telling fantastic stories to garner attention and approval, Mitchell can only wish this were just one more of his tall tales. But it isn’t. It’s all too real. Together, as they confront unexpected and life-threatening dangers, Mitchell and his friends must overcome their bickering and insecurities to learn what happened, where they are, and how to get back home.

The answers can be found only in the mysterious little girl with the blue, hypnotic eyes. The one they had each dreamed of three nights in a row before arriving here. She is their only hope. And, as they eventually discover, they are her only hope.

And time is running out.

My Thoughts 

I had visited Mr. Fedison’s blog and was intrigued by his book, so I went to Amazon and checked it out. I wanted to read the book, but it was obviously a young adult book. I passed it up and ordered a couple of other kindle books instead. For some reason I couldn’t get the story line out of my mind even though I was sure it was too young to hold my interest. I went back to Amazon later and used the look inside feature. I was hooked.

Okay, so the book was too young for my tastes, but I’m not ashamed to say it definitely held my interest. I was so into the story that I became annoyed with only being able to read it on my kindle for pc. This really limited my reading time. Then my husband bought me the new Kindle Fire HD. I love it and now I can read anywhere I want. As for The Eye Dancers, with my new Kindle, I finished it in one day.

Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Although the story line is completely different, it reminded me of A Wrinkle in Time.

I loved that these boys became friends even though they didn’t have a clue as to why they were friends. Granted they were completely different in personalities and interests, but they were all misfits in one way or another. That was their commonality, but having such diverse personalities made working together to solve their dilemma more difficult. And they desperately needed to solve it and get out of this world where they didn’t belong and back to their own.

Kudos to Mr. Fedison because not only was this an intriguing story, but also it’s one of the most skillfully written and professionally edited books I’ve read in a long time. I could definitely see this as having been one of my favorite books as a child or teen. I loved it as an adult. If you like coming of age stories, stories of family and friendship, mysteries, sci-fi, other worldly adventures…ect., I believe you’ll like The Eye Dancers, no matter your age. And if you have a child from eight to teens who likes these types of stories, they will love this book.

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Black Rock On Kindle for 99 cents

Black Rock by E. G. Parsons

Now 99 cents on Kindle.  http://www.amazon.com/Black-Rock-ebook/dp/B003JTHZFW/ref

After the death of her father, Roxanne leaves Boston and returns to the family ranch in Texas. Still mourning and trying to readjust to life on the ranch, her nightmares of the mysterious black rock return.  Life for Roxanne becomes even more confusing when she meets sexy neighbor, Collin O’Neal. Despite being the rudest man she’s ever met and his fear of commitment, Collin can turn her brain to mush and set her soul afire with just a look. While struggling to remain the lady she was raised to be, Roxanne must deal with another man trying to stake his claim. Bradford Wellman is handsome, charming, and obsessed with making her his bride. Unknown to Roxanne, both Brad and Collin have reasons other than romance for getting close to her.

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LASR Reviews Winter of the Heart

LASR (Long and Short Reviews) gives WINTER OF THE HEART a four and half book review. It’s also up for ‘best book of the week’, so if you have time check in at http://www.longandshortreviews.com/LASR/recentrev.htm tomorrow (Saturday May 2, 2009 or Sunday May 3, 2009) and vote for it. Thanks, Elizabeth

“This touching historical takes readers on an emotional journey that is hard to forget as a woman in an abusive relationship seeks to make a better life for herself and finds a love she never expected…” Read more – http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.com/2009/04/winter-of-heart-by-eg-parsons.html

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Review From Working Girl Reviews

blackrock_small_smallBlack Rock: A Time for Love

By E. G. Parsons

Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/Black-Rock-E-G-Parsons/dp/1601541716


This book has been on my TBR (To Be Read) pile for quite awhile. I was waiting until I was in the mood for a good historical romance to read it. What a mistake that was! If I had known just how good Black Rock: A Time for Love was going to be I would have read it weeks ago.


The author sets the stage for this wonderfully intriguing story with a brief prologue. The year is 1846. On a small ranch in the town of Wild Rose, Texas, two ranch hands have mysteriously disappeared inside the magnificent black rock from which Black Rock Ranch takes its name.


As the story opens, more than fifty years later, twenty-year-old Roxanne Ingram is looking forward to returning home to Black Rock Ranch after ten years in a Boston girls’ school. Shortly before her departure, Roxanne gets word that her beloved father has passed away, and she will be retuning as sole heir to the family ranch. Confusion is added to grief, when, attempting to settle the estate, Roxanne discovers the date of birth recorded for her in the family Bible does not match the one she has always known to be her true birth date. Touring the ranch, which she now owns, Roxanne has an unexpected encounter with Collin, who has come to study the giant black rock on the edge of her property. She is outraged by his rudeness, but can’t help being attracted to the irresistibly handsome Colin. Shortly after her encounter with Colin, Roxanne meets charming Brad Wellman, the wealthy rancher whose property adjoins her own. As both men vie for her affections, it becomes a race against time for the two men — one a deadly villain, and the other a prince charming who holds the key to the shocking secrets of Roxanne’s origin.


If you’re looking for a beautiful historical romance you need look no further than Black Rock: A Time For Love. The author is so in tune with the late 1800s that it almost seems as though she must have lived them in a former life. The clothing, customs, and dialogue are written to perfection as the story moves seamlessly from one breathtaking scene to the next. The paranormal twist to this story is a most intriguing and welcome bonus. Roxanne is a thoroughly likeable heroine, and Colin will steal your breath away! I highly recommend this book to any lover of paranormal and/or historical fiction, or to anyone who just plain loves a good story.





Romance or Love Story

Have you ever thought about what defines a romance as apposed to a love story? New writers wanting to be published in the field of genre romance ask themselves this question quite often and it’s a hard question to answer. If you’ve written a love story and submit it to one of the many romance publishers out there, it may be rejected just because it doesn’t follow the formula for romance. This is beginning to change to a certain extent, thanks in part to talented authors such as M. Jean Pike. Her recently published novels are love stories published in the romance genre. What exactly is the difference between the two?


Romance follows a very specific formula, which is why it’s necessary for new and established writers to continually come up with fresh, new story ideas. The formula for romance is pretty simple. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, and they live happily ever after. That last part is essential to be accepted by most romance publishers. On many of their sites, it will explain that the happy ending must be there for them to be interested or at the very least the ending must leave the reader with a sense of satisfaction. In between the boy meets girl and the HEA, there can be many different sub plots to move the story along such as mystery, suspense, paranormal, and others. Regardless of the sub genre, the basic formula must remain in order to be called a romance and the developing romance between the hero and heroine should take center stage. The first romance I read, as a young girl, was Jane Eyre. This story follows the exact formula and is still my favorite romance.


A love story doesn’t follow any set formula and doesn’t have to have a HEA. Although, through out the ages there have many love stories that could have been romances if they’d ended differently. Just a couple that comes to mind, Romeo and Juliet and Love Story. All the aspects of a romance are there in those stories, but there isn’t the typical happily ever after ending. Then there’s Wuthering Heights, The Bridges Of Madison County, and Gone With The Wind. Looking at these titles you might assume that a true love story must have a tragic or not so happy ending. Not so. Take for example The Ghost And Mrs. Muir. A lot of people call this a paranormal romance. I think it could go either way since it doesn’t follow the exact formula for a romance, but it does have a satisfying ending. Originally in my newest novel, Black Rock: A Time For Love, the hero and heroine fell in love early in the book and admitted that love to one another. After that it was the outside conflicts that held them apart. According the critiques I received, this was a no-no for a romance. I needed more internal conflict, so I went back and rewrote the entire story. In the long run, did it make the story better? Probably not, but it made it more suitable for the romance genre.


If you’re a writer trying to decide if your manuscript is a genre romance, read what the romance publishers are putting out there, read Jane Eyre or other tried and true romances such as Pride and Prejudice or any other Jane Austin novel. If romance publishers have rejected your manuscript, perhaps you’ve written a love story or a general fiction story instead of a romance. My first novel, Captive Fear was mislabeled a romance, when in actuality it’s a gritty suspense/mystery. There is a romance embedded in the story, but it’s definitely not a typical romance. You will need to define your story in order to query the publishers or agents that are the best fit. Whatever you’ve written, don’t give up–keep submitting until you find the best publisher for it.


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Innocent in Death – J. D. Robb

I’ve been reading Nora Roberts for years and have always loved her work, but had never tried one of her books written under the name J. D. Robb. The only reason for that is because I don’t make a habit of buying books published by major publishers, preferring to purchase my reading material from the pool of newbies out there and getting the others from my local library. But I was reading Ms. Roberts and a few other favorites since before they were famous and continue to buy their books on occasion. I did not, however, buy INNOCENT IN DEATH. It was a birthday gift from my son.

As soon as I read the cover blurb, I knew it was right up my alley, so took a day off my own work to indulge myself with a day of reading. I wasn’t disappointed. I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished the last page. Set in future day New York, it’s a crime drama, murder mystery, romantic suspense, all rolled into one, so loving all those genres, I was pretty sure I’d enjoy it. With a strong, intelligent, kick ass heroine and equally interesting and likable hero, it kept me glued to the page.

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is on the hunt for the killer of a school teacher, by all accounts a respectable and well liked young man with no enemies and a devoted wife. There are a more than a few suspects for her to sort through, all more than capable of doing the deed and with opportunity galore. While trying to solve the crime, Eve has to deal with  her emotional turmoil at the reappearance of one of husband’s old girlfriends, a woman who seems determined to continue where they left off. 

There were a number of secondary characters that I’m sure had appeared earlier in the series, but I wasn’t confused by their reappearance. Ms. Roberts does a bang up job of giving enough information to make them interesting without slowing the pace of the story. I wasn’t sure how I’d like the futuristic aspect of the setting, but it was subtle and I actually enjoyed some of the different lingo. I loved the story, even though I guessed who the killer was way too soon. Making that guess only made me more excited to finish and see if I was right. Having said that, there was one scene in the story that totally turned me off.

Caution–minor spoiler:

When Eve walks in on an intimate moment with her husband and his ex girlfriend, she punches him in the face hard enough to do damage and draw blood, even though she knows the truth about what’s happening. This is followed by rather violent and steamy sex. The steamy sex was okay and at any other time would have had me panting for my hubby to come home, but having followed the punch in the face, it turned me off. I mean come on–if a hero punched the heroine in the face that way, we’d all be up in arms and trying to get a boycott going on the book. As far as I’m concerned, the heroine doing the punching is no different and should not be allowed just because it’s maybe in character. I’m sorry Ms. Roberts, but any punching done by the hero or heroine of a story in the genre of romantic suspense should not be on each other. The scene could have played just as well without that punch.

Elizabeth Melton Parsons


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Waiting For The Rain

Willow Mackenzie desperately needs a miracle. 
Darby Sullivan has one to offer. 
But sharing it may cost him his life.

Abandoned by her husband after receiving a fatal medical diagnosis, twenty-eight-year-old Willow Mackenzie is determined to realize her unfulfilled dreams. On a jaunt to a lonely quarry called Baker’s Gully in the hope of photographing an eagle, she discovers an abandoned cottage and its reclusive owner, Darby Sullivan. Captivated by the rose-covered dwelling, and intrigued by its stern, sexy owner, Willow knows instinctively that she is meant to spend the rest of her life in Baker’s Gully. A man of secrets, Darby is content with his hermit-like existence, but troubled by the deadly illness he senses within her, he agrees to rent Willow the cottage, knowing it is the one place on earth that can heal her. But saving Willow’s life may cost Darby his own.

Seldom will a book touch your emotions the way M. Jean Pike’s “Waiting For The Rain”. Willow is a likeable, courageous heroine–a woman you’d want for your best friend and Darby…what can I say about Darby? “SIGH” I fell in love. Here’s a man who has known hardship and heartache. A strong, sensitive and loving man with a secret. A secret so devastating, he fears it will destroy any chance of a future with Willow. Their love story will leave you breathless.

Waiting For The Rain by M. Jean Pike 
ISBN# 978-1-897445-21-1 
Champagne Books ‘Best Book Of the Year Award’ For 2007
Available in both e-book and paperback.
Tomorrow I will post the blurb for Jean’s newest book, “Heatherfield”.
Don’t forget, Jean will be guest blogging on Monday.

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Deceptive Hearts…cont.

Sarah and Lily stared at their father in shock. Sarah was the first to recover. “Divorce? I don’t understand.”

“The reasons are between your mother and me. I only told the two of you because she won’t and I’m seeing an attorney next week.”

“Next week?”

“Oh, for Pete’s sake, Sarah. You sound like a parrot. And you, Dad, what do you mean it’s between you and Mom. You can’t drop a bombshell like that and not offer any explanation. We have a right to know what’s going on. I assume since Mom is being difficult, this divorce is your idea. Is that right?”


“Yes. Just like that? Is Mom having an affair? Are you?”


“Shut up, Sarah. Well, Dad. Which is it?”

“Lily, there is no affair.” He sighed heavily. Strange, he’d thought it would be Sarah who’d be most upset with him.

“Then why are you doing this? Mom has been a great mother to us and a good wife to you. Now this is the thanks she gets. You decide you want out and just like that, you file for divorce. What the hell is wrong with you?” Lily quit her pacing and stopped in front of his chair.

“Lily, don’t raise your voice to me. We can discuss this rationally or not at all.”

“I don’t want to discuss this with you. For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed to have you as my father. I’m going to see Mom.” Turning on her heel she stormed from the room.

Warren rubbed his face and Sarah put her hand on his arm. “Daddy, please tell me what this is all about. I don’t understand any more than Lily does. You and Mom have always been so happy. How could all those years together end like this? Does it have anything to do with the accident?



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