Elizabeth Melton Parsons



3:00 AM Hail Storm

I spent the past several days transplanting different plants, weeding, mulching… general gardening stuff. Yesterday I worked all day and finally got my bedding plants, window boxes and planters finished. Imagine my irritation when I awakened at 3:00 AM this morning by one hellacious storm. Despite the dark, torrential rain, hail balls, and sky to ground lightening, I went out to see what damage was being caused to my new little plants. My first clue that they might not fare well was the ankle high hail balls and piles of leaves and twigs ripped from the trees I was wading through. The little guys look pretty pitiful. Whether any will survive is anyone’s guess. I’m sitting here thinking about going back to bed and wishing I’d spent the past several days frolicking in the park. It wouldn’t have been nearly as big a waste of time.

It was too dark to take pictures, but these two from the pubic domain look pretty similar to what we had except you couldn’t see our grass because our ground was completely covered.


leaves downed by hail

leaves downed by hail