Elizabeth Melton Parsons


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Winter Bluebirds and Early Flowers

It’s not that unusual to see the odd bluebird around my neck of the woods in winter, but I’ve seen lots and lots of bluebirds all winter. Guess they knew what I didn’t. That we’d have a very mild winter and it wasn’t worth the effort to fly south. It’s been nice seeing the bright blue plumage amidst all the winter grey. When the first warm breezes of spring begin to blow, I always look for the return of the robins and bluebirds. The robins also opted to overwinter here instead of flying south. My sedum, tulips and hyacinths are popping out of the ground already and it’s only Feb.5th. But that’s not a true sign of an early spring, only that it’s been so mild, they believe it to be spring. Poor things may yet rest under a blanket of snow.