Elizabeth Melton Parsons



Azaleas and Strawberries

I was feeling down all last week after learning of my cousin’s death so soon after losing another family member and my post yesterday reflected that. Thought I’d attempt to lighten both my mood and my blog’s with a little post on gardening and some photos. The azaleas are blooming. Always a treat. So pretty I had to snatch a couple for my nightstand.

My neighbor had a large strawberry garden that had mostly died out, but there were plants growing here and there. He very kindly told me I could dig them all and keep them. So I trudged my happy little self down there and with the help of my eldest son dug up a wheel barrow full. I do love strawberries. My dad was a strawberry farmer and having an abundance of fresh berries to eat every spring and summer is something I have really missed.

I’ve stuck the plants into containers until I get my raised bed finished. I’ve got it about half full of a mixture of compost and top soil. I didn’t realize it would take so much to fill it. The plants are blooming and have little baby berries already. I’ll have get out there today and clip all those off so they can concentrate on sending out all those little runners. They’re ever-bearing which means if they do well, I might have a few berries to eat come late summer.