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Spring Mill State Park

Revisit history in Mitchell Indiana at Spring Mill State Park Historic Village or commune with nature on the many hiking or biking trails and if you love space travel stop in at the Gus Grissom Memorial. I adore this place so I took Eric here today and wanted to share the photos. Hope you enjoy. To find out more about this beautiful park go here: http://www.in.gov/dnr/parklake/inns/springmill/activities.html


Blog Buddy Friday: Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

maniparnaMy blog buddy Friday posts continue today as we visit with Maniparna Sengupta Majumder at Scattered Thoughts. Maniparna resides in Kolkata, India and her blog is similar to mine in that she writes and posts on a large variety of topics. You’ll find lovely photos, poems, short stories, book reviews, product reviews, childhood memories, and just random thoughts.

Maniparna is a strong personality, intelligent, beautiful and charming. Her blog reflects this in every way. In her own words she says, “What I feel, I write”. I’ve found this to be very true as I’ve visited her over the months. Maniparna has strong opinions on different issues and isn’t afraid to voice them. She’s also a delightful lady and it’s been a great pleasure getting to know her better.

Take a little time, drop in at Scattered Thoughts and say hello to Maniparna. You’ll love her and her blog. I know I do. 🙂

Photo is not mine. It is the property of Maniparna.



Are Country Folk More Honest? Part 2

To Read Part 1: Are Country Folk More Honest? Part 1

T C Steele Painting

T. C. Steele

We all have our moments of stupidity, but I seem to have more than my share. One year on vacation I decided to visit Brown County Forestry and Nashville, Indiana, nicknamed ‘Little Nashville’ after Nashville, Tennessee because of all the music shows they have. I was there in October because I wanted to visit the forestry when the leaves were their most colorful and I wanted to visit the home and studio of artist T. C. Steele. The little village of Nashville is quaint and charming, but when I was there must have been a peak time because the streets were jammed with people. I stood in line for over an hour just to buy an ice cream cone. Even though small, the crowds in this town made it like being on the streets of New York during the busiest hours. I’d never seen anything like it.

I needed to escape the hordes of people for awhile and walked down a little backstreet to a historical building. There wasn’t anyone there and I sat down on a bench to take a break. While there, a few people came by and I spoke to a couple of very nice ladies before deciding to walk back to the car. I’d parked a long ways from the town center because there simply wasn’t any parking space available anywhere. Once at the car I realized I didn’t have my keys because my handbag was gone. I panicked. I couldn’t remember where I could have lost it. It never entered my mind that someone could have swiped it. As I said, much too trusting.

I called the police and a very nice officer came to make a report. He told me this kind of thing happens all the time and I’d never get it back. He said they usually take all the money and credit cards, then toss the bag somewhere. I figured they weren’t going to do anything so I sat on the tarmac beside the car and took some deep, calming breaths. Once my panic eased I began thinking over everything I’d done since I’d last had my bag. I was sure I’d lost it somewhere and it had not been stolen. I remembered the bench where I’d rested and thought maybe the strap had slipped off my shoulder while sitting there. I ran back there and of course it wasn’t there. Seeing a fleck of bright orange I looked through some trees and realized it was prisoners in an enclosure next to, of all things, a jailhouse. Guess what? When checking with the officers inside, they had my handbag. Nothing was missing. Those nice ladies I’d spoken to had seen it after I left and turned it in. My trusting nature had been renewed. 🙂 I count this incident in the big city category because of the thousands of people around that day.


My next incident happened just a few days ago when I’d gone shopping. I’d just left the grocery store and stopped at another store on my way home to pick up some laundry detergent and other household items. The parking lot was full so I parked on the side in the only space available. I was in a hurry to get home and grabbed a twenty out of my purse and left the purse on the front seat. When I got out of the car I pushed what I thought was the lock button on my remote door control and hurried around the building to the front door. I was in the store for much longer than I’d expected to be and when I came out my car trunk was standing open with all my groceries in plain site. I’d accidentally hit the trunk button instead of the lock button. Not only were groceries in plain sight, but my purse with money and credit cards was in full view on the front seat in an unlocked car. I really need a keeper. 🙄 This a country community and no one had touched any of my stuff.

I have no clue as to whether country folk are more honest.  The one thing I am sure of is that I have far too many stupid moments in my life. I think there are thieves everywhere and I have had both good and bad experiences in both cites and small towns. But it does seem that in rural communities you’re a lot less likely to be the victim of theft. What do you think?


Blog Buddy Friday: Janell Mithani

JanellMithaniI’m going to leave the world of writing for just a bit as we visit some of my favorite artists. First up is an extremely gifted artist, Janell Mithani at http://janellmithani.com. Janell grew up in a rural area of the northwestern United States, but now makes her home in Southern California. Other than art, a couple of things Janell and I have in common is our love of gardening and the outdoors. I know when  I visit her blog, I’ll leave with a smile because you simply can’t look at her work without coming away with a feeling of happiness. I believe her artist statement says it better than I ever could:

“A world of radiant enchantment merged with the lush details of nature inspires me to create.  The reflective shapes of trees, often shaped by wind and rain, bring strength and presence to my canvas. Childlike memories of magical beings float through the landscape of my mind and fill my sketchbooks.  I explore relating the feminine sketches from my journal to the landscapes that come from my brush.  Their dance calls to me; therefore, I continue to paint.”…Janell Mithani 

I have always loved fairies so of course some of my favorite paintings of Janell’s are her mystical little fairies, but I also love her colorful landscapes and flowers. Janell not only paints, but creates beautiful jewelry and is a skilled photographer. Do a Google image search of this lovely lady’s name and you’ll be amazed at what comes up.

When you have time, go visit Janell. You’ll love her work. http://janellmithani.com

Photo belongs to Janell Mithani.

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Are Country Folk More Honest – Part 1


will_work_for_foodWe’ve all seen the people with the signs “Will Work For Food”. And of course we’ve wondered if the people are seriously in need or is this how they make a living with no intention of doing any work. A few years ago I was on lunch break and had just picked up a chicken sandwich and drink at a strip mall. As I was leaving the parking lot, a man with just such a sign walked up to my car window. I said, “I have no work for you, but here’s lunch.” And I handed him the bag. Whether he was grateful for the food or angry because I hadn’t handed over cash, I’ll never know. This happened in a smaller town, not a city.

Last fall I gave a stranger the last of my cash. I’d seen him in his old pickup out and about for a couple of days. He was picking up the black walnuts under the trees. I was coming back from a walk and he was parked under the old walnut tree across the street from my house. I said good morning and he replied pleasantly enough. But he seemed lost and I asked if everything was okay. He dropped his head and laughed a little before telling me he’d run out of gas. Since we’re only a mile from the gas station I asked him if he needed a gas can to go get some. He replied that he’d not have any money until he’d sold his walnuts. I then asked if he wanted to use my cell phone to call for help. He said there was no one to call. I said sorry and went across the street and into the house.

I watched him walk up and down by his truck for a few minutes before checking my purse for money, hoping I had a five stashed away somewhere. Nope, all I had was a twenty. I took the twenty and went back across the road. I asked if he’d be offended if I gave him money. He seemed vastly relieved as he took it, assuring me he’d return it as soon as he’d sold his walnuts. I told him no, he didn’t need to do that. I believe this man had a true need. Okay, I’ve been called a fool more than once. As most of you know, I live in a tiny rural town, no city here.



When I was a much younger person I lived in a larger city and not having a car, I had to walk three miles to the grocery store. As I was leaving the store one day with my bag of food and a gallon of milk, I realized I’d left my purse on the checkout counter. Right outside the double glass doors was an enclosed entry with a bench. I am way too trusting. Since the counter was right next to the door, I set the bag and milk down, stepped inside, grabbed my purse, walked back out and voila! My goodies were gone. Five seconds tops and they were gone. I ran outside to see if I could spot the thief, but no. They were gone in a flash.

Part 2 will continue on Monday. I have disabled comments and likes on this post. Please come back and read part two. Then I’d love to hear your opinions. 🙂

Update: Now that I’ve posted part 2, I’ve reopened likes and comments here.

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Blog Buddy-Day 5 – Jill Weatherholt


Today we visit with Jill Weatherholt. Jill is a writer and won second place in Southern Writers Magazine short fiction contest for 2014. I haven’t known Jill for long, but her charming, warm, and generous spirit draws you in and makes you feel as if you’d been friends for years. Her blog is full of interesting snippets from her present life and memories of times past. She’s also highlighted many other writers and through her I’ve met many I’d not have had the opportunity to meet. Take some time to visit Jill. I promise you’ll enjoy. 🙂


Photo is not mine. It belongs to Jill.


Blog Buddy-Day 4 – M. Jean Pike


I’d like to introduce M. Jean Pike. Jean is a teacher who recently made a move from New York to Ohio. She’s also one of the most talented and gifted writers it’s ever been my pleasure to read with seven published novels and a collection of short stories. And even more important she’s a dear friend. Jean and I met years ago when we were both being published by the same publisher and I’ll always be grateful we did. Without her support and input, my last novel probably never would have been finished. Jean has a joint venture blog at About These Things. A lovely blog with photos, inspirational quotes, stories, poems, and scriptures. Hop on over and visit. Or if you’d like to know more about Jean and her books, you can visit her old blog at M. Jean Pike’s Weblog. You can also find her books here on Amazon.

Photo belongs to Jean–Once again I borrowed. 🙂


Blog Buddy-Day 3 – Clare Pooley


Today we take a walk down A Suffolk Lane. I am not personally acquainted with the author of this charming blog, but we have chatted back and forth enough for me to know Clare is a delightful, caring, and talented lady. I don’t have a photo of Clare to share with you. You’ll just have use your imagination. 😉 I love Clare’s photo diary. It’s a chance to walk down roads I’d never have a chance to visit otherwise and the personal snippets of her life are an added bonus. So if you’d like to take a stroll with Clare through her beautiful photos and entertaining diary entries, hop on over and show A Suffolk Lane some love.

Photo is from the public domain.


Blog Buddy-Day 2 – Ralph Whillier


Today we visit with a gentleman who needs no introduction. I’m sure most of you are familiar with Ralph over at Bluefish Way. It was a fortunate day for me when Ralph came to visit my blog for the first time. I now count him as one of my most honored friends. He’s a wonderful writer and in his own words, he lives in Spain and is retired which means he can do whatever he wants. 😉 I doubt you could ever find a lovelier human on this planet. Talented, kind, loving, and much too generous for his own good, Ralph is what I call a happiness guru. Just thinking about him makes me smile. Even when he has every reason in the world to wallow in his woes, (and he has had his share) he stays upbeat and makes it funny. And when I’m over here wallowing in my own woes, he comes by with a swift kick to the backside and lots of hugs to get me back on track. Thank you for that Ralph. ❤  Now everyone get over there and say hi to Ralph. It’s the neighborly thing to do and believe me, you will have a blast over there at Bluefish Way .

Photograph belongs to Ralph–I just stole–umm borrowed it for a while.


Blog Buddy-Day 1- Deb Stevens


On this first day of the new year (for us in this part of the world) I’d like to introduce you to one of my dearest friends, Debbie Stevens from NSW Australia. I first met Deb online many years ago and we became fast friends, communicating through instant messages, email and telephone. This charming lady has been a blessing in my life and I will be forever grateful for her friendship. A talented poet/writer, she not only works a full time job, but campaigns tirelessly to bring about awareness and early detection of Ovarian Cancer. Twice nominated for the Australian of the Year Award, Deb is always number one in my book. Although she doesn’t have time to be a gung ho blogger, she does have a WordPress blog and her posts are always entertaining and informative.  https://deliberatelydebbie.wordpress.com I’ve posted one of her poems below. Now everyone go give Deb a shout out when you have the time.

Secret of the Sea

Ash on his boots
No more luster, no more shine
Her face at a window
Takes him to another time
Applause is for the wind
One big step to have it all
Notes of a melody play over in his head
He places one more call
One secret told, she kept it safe
A stranger’s heart cried out for more
She returns the favour with her lips
A greater challenge lay in store
Beyond the plank meant a last farewell
Camel coat, soft hat and case
Second thoughts as the smoke screen lifts
Not the home he will embrace

Poem and photo: Copyright Debbie A Stevens