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3:00 AM Hail Storm


I spent the past several days transplanting different plants, weeding, mulching… general gardening stuff. Yesterday I worked all day and finally got my bedding plants, window boxes and planters finished. Imagine my irritation when I awakened at 3:00 AM this morning by one hellacious storm. Despite the dark, torrential rain, hail balls, and sky to ground lightening, I went out to see what damage was being caused to my new little plants. My first clue that they might not fare well was the ankle high hail balls and piles of leaves and twigs ripped from the trees I was wading through. The little guys look pretty pitiful. Whether any will survive is anyone’s guess. I’m sitting here thinking about going back to bed and wishing I’d spent the past several days frolicking in the park. It wouldn’t have been nearly as big a waste of time.

It was too dark to take pictures, but these two from the pubic domain look pretty similar to what we had except you couldn’t see our grass because our ground was completely covered.


leaves downed by hail

leaves downed by hail

Author: Elizabeth Melton Parsons

I'm a novelist, poet, and artist. I love books, nature, art, and gardening. I'm a rock hound and there's a photo of me with a cool fossil rock on my about page, I take a lot of nature pictures. The background here is one of mine. Unfortunately I recently lost my wonderful husband, but I'm grateful to have the blessing of two beautiful sons. elizabethmeltonparsons.wordpress.com is © Elizabeth Melton Parsons 2007-2018. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Elizabeth Melton Parsons with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

21 thoughts on “3:00 AM Hail Storm

  1. Fingers crossed your little plants were too low to get battered badly and that they weather the storm well.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. I hope most made it through. I heard last night that Denver had 3 inches of hail. Wow!!! We get frequent hail in Ok. I hated it. Sorry.


  3. Well I will keep my fingers and toes crossed they all survived…meanwhile,please be careful! lol


    • Hello, my darlin girl. My plants might come out of it, Deb, but right now they are a shredded mess. The hostas will live but the leaves are so badly damaged, they look horrible. At least the autos and house were not damaged too badly. There’s always something to be grateful for. Hope your weather is much better down under than our’s here in the US. 🙂


  4. I should give up gardening and take up frolicking in the park sweetie. Let the park gardeners have all the worry while you have fun. ❤


  5. Wow, that was quite a storm, Elizabeth. I sure hope your little plants pull through. Keep us posted. xo


    • Hi, Jill. Yeah, it was something alright. My tomato plants are dying. The bedding plants look bad and so do my bigger perennials, but they will probably live. Hope your weather has been peaceful. 🙂 hugs.


      • I’m sorry about your tomato plants, Elizabeth. That’s good news on your perennials though.
        We’ve had very dry and hot weather…perfect for the ants. Ugh! They are driving me over the edge! 🙂
        Have a wonderful holiday! xo


  6. Hello Elizabeth..

    I hope the little plants survived…
    What a pitty that this hail storom apperead … Anyway as the saying goes, “Naure is Wise and Strong”.
    I am sure you´ll be lucky!!!.

    Best wishes to you,

    Aquileana 😀


    • That’s true. If you look at the plants in the wild, they’re always so beautiful. Nature has a way of keeping things healthy in a wild environment. It’s our little gardens that suffer. But I’m surrounded by nature in the wild, so if my little plants don’t make it, I’ll just enjoy the wild flowers. 😀


  7. WOW! If it’s not one thing, it’s the other. I hope all is well.


    • Thanks for your kinds regards, Noel. It’s spring…so of course where I live that means some wild weather. I’m really sad about my tomato plants, but it’s early yet, maybe I’ll put in some more. Hope you have nice day. 🙂


  8. Elizabeth, my mouth dropped wide open as I saw this post. OH I hope your plants make it. I will call out to the Nature Faeries to assist them to live! Love, Amy


  9. Holy crow. Elizabeth. Wild weather indeed. Those things look like golf balls! I thought that saying was old hyperbole.


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