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blooming appleGood morning, all. Don’t you just love spring? Everything changing from shades of gray and brown to soft colors. Remember in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy steps into Munchkin Land and the film goes from black and white to color?  We watched that movie on TV every year when I was a child and I always watched it with my own children too. Several years ago I took a trip into the Adirondacks of New York, up to the St. Lawrence Seaway and then over into the Green and White Mountains. From there into Main and up into Southeastern Canada. It was early March and when I left  everything was still wearing it’s winter garb. On the way home everything was still wintry looking until I entered Ohio. It was like the scene from that movie. Instantly it was spring with flowering Dogwoods, Redbuds, apple and cherry trees. Absolutely breathtaking. Now every spring when the colors come alive, I’m reminded of that incredible experience.

monkey_readingAt that point in time I was still reviewing books for different publications so I had a box of books stashed in the back and at night, I’d read. I was a voracious, little, reader monkey and took every opportunity to read. For the past few years I’ve gotten away from that. If I read a book a month I was lucky. This hadn’t stopped me from buying books though. Every time I’m out I buy books from used bookstores, thrift shops, library sales and of course new online. My ‘to be read’ pile has turned into a mountain.

Last month I decided I’d remedy that. I didn’t really hold out much hope of this plan having any kind of success. I always seem to be too busy to read more than a few minutes a week. I do ride my stationary bike almost every day and it’s a great time to read, but I was having a terrible time with getting books to fit. My hardbacks were too big and interfered with the movement of the handlebars. My paperbacks were too thick and I couldn’t easily turn the pages.

As I stated in a previous post, my dear hubby bought me the new Kindle Fire. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a physical book, but this thing is perfect for my bike, which allows me a lot more reading time. It’s also great for reading in bed. I’m able to read more times during the day now, thus increasing my books to be read to books finished. Unfortunately my new Kindle didn’t help me do as well this month because of all the work on the house. Last month I managed ten books, all hardbacks I bought except The Eye Dancers.

Here’s the list for March:

Evening Class by Maeve Binchy

Secret for a Nightingale by Victoria Holt

The Hiding Place by Trezza Azzopardi

Whispers by Belva Plain

The Eye Dancers by Michael S. Fedison

Woman Without a Past by Phyllis A. Whitney

Ghost Moon by Karen Robards

Courting Emma Howe by Margaret A. Robinson

Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick

Here’s the list for April:

Long Time Coming by Edi Claire

In The Company of Others by Jan Karon

Still Reading  (Unlike most folks I never read one book until finished. I read several.)

O Pioneers by Willa Sibert Cather

Echoes by M. Jean Pike

Out in the Country by Kate Hewitt

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte

So, my friends, read any good books lately? 

Author: Elizabeth Melton Parsons

I'm a novelist, poet, and artist. I love books, nature, art, and gardening. I'm a rock hound and there's a photo of me with a cool fossil rock on my about page, I take a lot of nature pictures. The background here is one of mine. Unfortunately I recently lost my wonderful husband, but I'm grateful to have the blessing of two beautiful sons. elizabethmeltonparsons.wordpress.com is © Elizabeth Melton Parsons 2007-2018. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Elizabeth Melton Parsons with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

24 thoughts on “Books and Blossoms

  1. Wonderful post. Thank you.


  2. Hello Blossom 😀 You surely don’t read your kindle on your bike ? There’s a free space to park your bike at my sheds. 😉 ❤


  3. Well..let’s just say that you are not the only one with a pile of unread books!! 🙂 And my point is, it’s always a good idea to buy the book, even if you cannot read it now, because when you find the time to read, the book may go out of publication! 😀


  4. I haven’t read any of those books although I have heard of a couple…my days are packed with a variety of books that authors are kind to send me, anything can happen when you have no idea of a writer’s style.


    • So right, Ste. I’d never heard of a few of those authors on my list and it’s always interesting to try the new as well as the tried and true. I’d never heard of Trezza Azzopardi until I read The Hiding Place…so depressing and emotionally draining, but excellent. I’m glad I found it.


  5. Beautiful photo, Elizabeth! Oh how I love spring, but my allergies, worst they’ve ever been. The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorites. I watch it every time it’s on TV and I have it on DVD. I love when they’re running through the Poppy field…until they all fall asleep. 🙂
    I read so much when I’m running on my treadmill…it’s great. Prior to having a Kindle, I almost had a few close calls when it came to holding on to the book while on the treadmill. Now, with the Kindle, it’s nice and slim, so it perches on the shelf perfectly.
    I’ve read so many books lately. Unfortunately, I’ve read a few self-published books that were riddled with typos…I hate that! 😦


    • Hi, Jill. I too own The Wizard of Oz on DVD. 🙂 It’s funny you mentioned typos in books. I don’t mind a few errors, even a little more than a few are okay with me, but last year I read a novel published by Putnam and it was riddled with errors and there was enough of them to really bug me. Now I’ve run into the same situation, a book by a best selling author with a major publisher that I swear had no copy edit at all. It’s a good story and written well, but has errors in every single paragraph. I’m trying to ignore them. But it’s hard. I have an easier time overlooking errors in self published books as long as they aren’t too numerous, but I think major publishers should be ashamed of themselves. It seems to be happening more and more too.


  6. Thanks for the list of books you’re reading, Elizabeth. I’d be interested in hearing what you think about Binchy’s EVENING CLASS.
    Your photographs are stunning!


    • Hi, Marylin, and thanks for coming by and commenting. As for EVENING CLASS– I adored it. Loved the characters. At first I wanted to shake Signora, but she taught me a lesson. People have to do what they feel they must. And she might not have been the unique and intriguing person she became had she lived her life differently. In my humble opinion, it’s a truly lovely story. Have you read it?


  7. lovely blossoms fantastic!


  8. I like many of the authors on your monthly lists, Elizabeth! I also think your photo could be framed! It is beautiful! I enjoy Victoria Holt, Belva Plain and also, loved “O Pioneers” by Willa Cather. I am not a big fan of Wizard of Oz but did like the book, “Wicked.” I guess that I am in the minority on the movie, though!
    I love “Pride and Prejudice, first as a book and then, the Keira Knightley movie, with Donald Sutherland doing a fine job as her father. I have always loved, “Little Women,” “Jane Eyre” and “The Keys to the Kingdom.” My good guy friend found a ‘First edition’ copy of the last one. I love older movies and books! This was a great post and you have some fine discussions starting… Smiles, Robin


    • Hi, Robin. I too love “Pride and Prejudice”, “Jane Eyre”, and “Little Women”. but I prefer the BBC version of the “Pride and Prejudice” movie. “Jane Eyre” has been my favorite book since I was thirteen and read it the first time. Thank you for giving me some of your favorites. 🙂 we have a lot in common. I love old movies too.


  9. We’re yet to see the buds, leave alone the blossoms! It’s been such a long and dreary winter up here! Your photo planted some hope in my heart that I’ll get to see these beauties soon! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  10. I always read more than one book at a time unless…it’s one of those books I simply can’t put down and then life stops until I’m finished. ) The other three books I’m reading are put on “hold,” until the final word is read and I breath a deep sigh of…relief, as well as regret…because it’s over.


  11. I have to admit to doing that as well. Sometimes the book simply holds me captive until I finish. 🙂


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