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Please Help – What is this?


Sorry for veering away from the spook theme temporarily, but I love old vinyl records and so does my son. I gave him my Elvis Album and some others when he went to college. He found this stuck in with the Elvis records and although I can remember putting it there, I have no idea what it is. It’s the size of a 33, but has a bigger center hole. It’s black like a record, but when light shines on the surface it is shiny and has rainbow colors. It also doesn’t have normal grooves. The grooves come out from the center like sun rays. Is it an old, vintage optical disc or maybe a vintage computer storage device? Anyone have a clue?? Thanks. You can click the images to make them larger.

record2 record1


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18 thoughts on “Please Help – What is this?

  1. I would have said that it is from a record machine such as would be found in cafes etc. But you’re right. It does look like an early optical disk. Having grooves radiating from the centre is strange, though.


  2. I seem to remember some discs that contained films and looked like this but it’s so long ago that I can’t even remember what they were played on now.


  3. I have no idea, but now I’m very curious.


  4. I have spent all morning “googling” this, and think you might want to task a record press company or someone who is into collecting records….like Jill and Eric, I too am extremely curious to learn what it is!!! Good luck!


  5. This is an interesting post Elizabeth. Maybe this will help
    Take your pick 😀 xox


  6. Looks like a laser disc. But this have been extinct since the Great DVD Purge of 95.


  7. Maybe put the question on Facebook 🙂


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