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Photo Just hatched Baby Bluebirds


Well, the sparrow spooker has worked very well so far. We had four bluebird eggs and they have just hatched. I was going to wait a while before taking any pictures, but I couldn’t resist lifting the lid and snapping a quick one while Mama and Papa were out gathering food. I’ve also added a photo of the tiny baby sparrows nesting in a clump of my pampas grass. As most know our little native sparrows are a totally different bird than the house sparrows who attack and kill nesting bluebirds. House sparrows are not native to the US and aren’t really sparrows at all, but are weaver finches.  Click for full size images.

Update 06/03/11: I think our baby blues are about to fledge, and there are actually five instead of four, as we’d previously thought. I snapped this new picture late last week…

 Update: June 06, 2011 All our baby blues fledged successfully.  We haven’t seen them since they left the nest, but pray they all make it to adulthood. Happy news on the baby sparrows too. They all fledged safely about a week before the bluebirds.

Update: July 1, 2011 The blues are nesting again. Two little blue eggs in the box. We put the spooker back on the box and are hoping for more success.


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4 thoughts on “Photo Just hatched Baby Bluebirds

  1. Wonderful post, its an amazing miracle to see these pictures.Regards.


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