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Blue Bird Nesting Unsuccessful

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Update on our bluebirds. As I’d posted before, the bluebirds built in our nesting box after the chickadee babies had flown the nest and I was happily awaiting that first blue egg, so I could put up the sparrow spooker. When I checked the box, there were actually two eggs in the nest, which would have been great except that the nest had already been disturbed. By what, I was never able to determine. One egg was still in the nest cavity and looked fine. The other egg lay on top of the nest to the side and had a dent in it, like it may have been pecked at. The parents had abandoned the nest. I hoped since the one egg appeared to be okay, they’d come back, but they didn’t. Eventually ants invaded the nest and covered the egg, so we threw out the egg  and removed the nest.

A week after removing the nest a bluebird couple came to inspect the box. The male perched on top and the female went in and out of the box. I thought they were nesting, but after a few days of this, they left and didn’t return. There was no sign of any nesting material in the box when I checked.  It made me wonder if this could have been the first pair returning to check on their nest and eggs, but if so, they certainly waited a long time (three and a half weeks).


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