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Vinegar and Water For Slugs


slug2If you’ve read my previous post, you know I’ve been waging war on the slugs that have invaded my gardens last spring and again this year. I thought I’d heard everything, as far as remedies for getting rid of the voracious pests. But I guess not….I was watching a gardening show on TV the other day and the expert suggested the usual stuff that has very little effect on the slugs as a group. Yes, all these things work, but only on the individual slugs or small groups, but when you have literally millions, as I do, it’s an ongoing daily battle.

This expert gardener did suggest one thing I’d never heard before. Vinegar and water sprayed around the plants. I thought, why not? I’ve certainly tried everything else except the pesticide baits. I don’t want to use those because my neighbor has a cat that visits and I have a dog. I don’t want to poison them. And since I’m really tired of being out of salt for cooking because of using it every morning on the slugs, I figured I’d try this new method. I assume the gardener giving the advice was speaking of white vinegar, but all I had in the house this morning was the apple cider variety. I decided to try it until I could get to the store for the white.

When going after slugs, you have to go out early, before the sun warms things up too much. They are night feeders. If I get to my gardens by around seven or eight o’clock, they’re still feasting all over my plants and moving around on the ground. I went out this morning with my little spray bottle of vinegar and water and sprayed all around my plants and directly on all the slugs I could see. Well, I’ll have to wait and see what the results are as a preventative, but directly on the slugs, it seems to work almost as well as salt. I’ll get some white vinegar later today and spray around the plants again tomorrow morning. I’ll let you know if this works to help keep the slugs at bay.

If I could find a good deterrent for keeping slugs out of my gardens without having to kill so many, I’d be thrilled. Because believe it or not, slugs are a beneficial creature. They eat wood, lawn and garden debris. But I really don’t think my lawn and gardens need quite so many.

UPDATE: The vinegar and water DID NOT help with my slug problem. It did kill the slugs if put directly on them, but did nothing to keep them from eating my plants.


Author: Elizabeth Melton Parsons

I'm a novelist, poet, and artist. I love books, nature, art, and gardening. I'm a rock hound and there's a photo of me with a cool fossil rock on my about page, I take a lot of nature pictures. The background here is one of mine. Unfortunately I recently lost my wonderful husband, but I'm grateful to have the blessing of two beautiful sons. elizabethmeltonparsons.wordpress.com is © Elizabeth Melton Parsons 2007-2018. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Elizabeth Melton Parsons with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

3 thoughts on “Vinegar and Water For Slugs

  1. do you know why the snails die from the vinegar


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