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Mandated Vaccines and Schools


UPDATE: The school had let the vaccine law slide, but this school year (2010-2011) parents were given notice that any student not having the chickenpox vaccine, meningitis vaccine, and a booster D-tap would be expelled on the last day of October 2010. This was fine with me, unfortunately my son felt differently. He wanted to stay in school rather than be home-schooled. After much debate, I decided he had a right to choose for himself. He chose to get the vaccines. With two more years of high school and several years of college ahead…I wonder how many more mandated vaccine decisions he’ll face. 

PREVIOUS POST: Earlier this year, I received a call from my son’s school informing all parents that we were to bring in proof that our children had either had chicken pox or had been vaccinated and when. I ignored it. He had to have this vaccination before he was allowed to start Kindergarten and the school has all those records. Now today I received another call informing the parents once again that everyone who had not provided proof that they need to do so. I was also informed that beginning next year, all children in grades 6 – 12 must also have the meningitis vaccine before school starts.  I THINK NOT. I’m not as uninformed as I once was, and my family will not be getting any government mandated or any other vaccines–EVER or at least until they are proved to be safer than they are now. I’m pretty sure that’s never going to happen, especially now that the huge pharmaceutical companies are safe from law suits when it comes to the dangers of vaccines. So I guess this means my son won’t be going to school next year. The following websites are good resources, but there are hundreds of others.






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2 thoughts on “Mandated Vaccines and Schools

  1. Liza,
    I’m afraid I don’t agree with your stance – at all. Vaccination against meningitis (for one) protects against an infection which can kill in hours. Not many people know the signs of acute meningitis, which requires intervention of extreme urgency.

    Vaccinations do carry risks, and it is (as with all medicines) a case of weighing up the benefits versus the risk. Much of the hype surrounding vaccines is based on mis-information (link #2 is a good example), and when is that campaign against MMR going to end? It is based on nothing resembling fact, and is costing lives in terms of children dying of measles.

    Wishing you wisdom in making a properly informed choice.


  2. Guido, I respect your opinion, but what exactly are acceptable risks? One of my sons was permanently disabled from the measles vaccine. That is a medical fact. And believe me, every time I took my youngest in for a vaccination, I sweated bullets. Now they keep coming up with more and more vaccines, which all contain mercury and other poisons. And since these diseases that they are supposed to prevent are becoming more and more widespread, you have to begin to wonder why.

    I agree there is a lot of stuff on some of these sites, some of it is hype, but there’s a lot of truth in there too.


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