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Ike Blasts Indiana

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  Ike roared through here on Sunday with hurricane force winds. I guess I can say I’ve seen everything in Southern Indiana now. I’ve grown accustomed to tornadoes, floods, hail storms, blizzards, and even an occasional earthquake, but never thought I’d see a hurricane. And yes, I know it was only the remnant of one, but normally the remnants of a hurricane brings us some beneficial rain or at times some unwelcome flooding, but nothing like this. My family was fortunate that our home was spared and only our fence and garage was hit by the many trees that were felled by Ike’s fury. Others weren’t so lucky. We are safe while many others suffered injuries and some even lost their lives. Our prayers are with those families. We just got our power and phone back, many others are still waiting. I give a lot of credit to the electric company field workers. I know they’ve worked around the clock to fix things and although we lost all of our perishable food items and had to take cold showers for a week…at least (for us) it was only a week and that’s due to all their hard work in replacing downed lines and poles during the worst widespread power outage around this area in over thirty years.. I didn’t mind the cooking on a grill or loss of TV and lights, but those cold showers… Burrrr! I was so happy to be able to take a hot shower, like a kid in a candy store. So thanks to all you guys and gals from the power company.



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