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Stormy Monday – Perfect Atmosphere

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After my last rant, I was sitting here writing a nice cheerful post. Unfortunately the atmosphere just isn’t conducive to that kind of writing this morning. I should be writing on Night Terror, one of my works in progress. It’s as dark as midnight with sullen thunder, flashes of lightening and torrential downpours. A perfect day for writing horror and suspense. In fact, the weather is exactly like it is in the opening of Night Terror except it’s morning rather than night.

As a writer, I don’t have to have atmosphere to match the subject matter, but it sure helps to inspire that ‘just right’ feeling and saves time. I don’t have to imagine the storm, the eerie light or whatever. My pen flows with the words and emotions of what I’m experiencing. The wind has now picked up in intensity, thunder booming and although I didn’t think it possible, it’s grown even darker.

Marti, in Night Terror is a flawed, tortured character, stalked and hunted–pushed to the edge of reason. She’s like a cornered animal and is about to take that fatal step into the darkness of insanity.

I’m veering away from the romance genre with this one and returning to the writing I love. Hopefully once it’s polished, I’ll find a home for it.




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One thought on “Stormy Monday – Perfect Atmosphere

  1. You know, it wouldn’t matter what the subject, your mind would find a story!

    Love the blog and will be back!

    Deb xxx


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