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“Writing poetry is like breathing. It comes naturally to me, and I’m ever grateful for this gift. It’s incredible because I’ve been writing for over two decades now. I wrote my first poem in kindergarten!

Over the years, I’ve met people from all over the world, and remarkably, there is a simple common denominator: human emotions. Whether I’m having coffee with a friend in London or Stockholm, the bravado of emotions are the same: hurt feelings, the pain of rejection, the grief of a loved one, the anger of social injustice, the excitement of politics, and the frustration of religion. I get this.

Through my poetry, I want to give voice to these precious emotions; I want to be a “voice crying out in the wilderness,” connecting deeply to people’s hearts, bringing an ever-lasting message of hope, faith and love. That’s what I’m all about. So let my poems speak to you in a fresh, provocative way. Enjoy the blog!”

¾Linette Marie Allen

 The Pen Virtuosa






Never mind

The corpse you see

Strapped to my back;

She’s been with me

Since I was about Four.


Though she stinks

Something awful,

She’s really quite lovely…

Cherokee cheekbones,

Ripe apple lines,

Cinnabar skin,

Warm cocoa irises

And a watercolor smile

That took her places

Around the world!


She’s had tea with kings

In England, Italy, China

Liberia, Turkey, Serbia

And even Mars.

Birds still sing

Her praises!

“Ti voligio bene!”

“Nup nola!”


The geishas have nothing

Over her.


She’s played pianos, flutes

And horns of various sizes

¾And oh, not to mention

Her skills in art;

She could make a man

Stand still

            for hours.


Though she doesn’t look it now,

She was quite an


in her day.

“Intelligence senza


This made her canvas

So Matisse!

So Rothko!

So O’Keefe!


Let me stop on that note;

She always hated

Rambling¾even still,

I really miss her,

My pitiful little bird.


She spoke a million languages

Yet never said a…




Linette Marie Allen, Copyright 2008



Thank you for visiting today, Linette, and sharing one of your phenomenal poems. Please visit Linette’s blog for more of this talented poet’s work.









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“Our opinions do not really blossom into fruition until we have expressed them to someone else.” ― Mark Twain

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