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A Handful Of Thoughts On A Monday Morning ~ M. Jean Pike

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This morning as I sat on my porch drinking my coffee and trying to wake up, a blue heron soared in the mist above the creek. Spotting his breakfast, he circled and returned. He touched down on the wide, flat rocks of the creek bank and settled in for a morning of fishing. He was absolutely magnificent. As I watched, spellbound, a pair of Mallards drifted past. They glided serenely on the water, their colorful heads glistening in the morning sun, and disappeared beyond the reeds, seemingly unconcerned with what might be around the corner or what the day might bring. What a beautiful way to start the day. They reminded me to slow down and take each moment as it comes.
Is it me, or is life becoming more and more stressful? It seems everyone I talk to lately is dealing with something unpleasant — a recalcitrant teen, an aging parent, upheaval in their job or their marriage. As a nation, we worry about the rising cost of gas, global warming, war and politics. These days, when a sense of apocalypse seems to hang in the very air, it’s hard not to get caught up in the gloom and doom of it all.
I often think how wonderful it would be if, like fiction, I could write my own life story. If undoing mistakes and changing unfortunate circumstances were as easy as hitting the delete button. As a mere mortal, I don’t have that luxury, but while I can’t control my circumstances, I can certainly control my attitude. I’m a pessimist by nature, but as I grow older, I’m learning that it’s just as easy to see the sunlight as it is the shadows. As I go about the business of life, I’m learning how to fall in love.
Almost daily, I fall in love with the ancient golden lab who patiently waits with his boy at the bus stop, rain or shine. He reminds me that loyalty still exists in the world.
Almost daily, I fall in love with the dogwood trees that line the streets of my small town. Their whisper- soft petals of pink and white are a celebration of spring and of rebirth. They remind me that beauty still exists in the world.
Almost daily, I fall in love with my co-workers, Mimi and Jo, who know I have trouble getting started in the morning and always have a fresh pot of coffee, laced with Hershey’s cocoa, ready when I arrive. They remind me that kindness still exists in the world.
Almost daily, I fall in love with Rainy. Born severely retarded, she will never sing or dance or even tie her shoes. But when I play the right music, she lifts her voice and her joyful trilling is sweeter than birdsong. Because she trusts me, there is nothing within her power she wouldn’t do to please me. Rainy, with her quiet and gentle spirit. She reminds me that courage still exists in the world.
Almost daily, I fall in love with Noah, whose artwork decorates my office, and whose sheer individuality decorates my life. And with Todd, my hero, my friend. He never washes the dishes or cooks a meal, but he helps me unclutter my mind. He doesn’t always understand, but he always cares. In these uncertain times, my home is my sanctuary, and family is my stronghold.
They remind me that I am needed.
They remind me that I am loved.
M. Jean Pike 




Thank you, Jean. Visit Jean at her website or on Authors Den to find out more about her and her work. Read my previous posts for Jean’s book covers and blurbs.

Tomorrow: Poet Linette Marie Allen will be joining us.

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