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Homer’s “Odyssey”

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Burrrrr….it’s cold this morning. 29 degrees is much too cold for the end of April. But then, that has nothing to do with my post this morning.
I’m sure, like myself, many of you were required to read Homer’s epic poem “Odyssey” when in school. I’ve revisited this wonderful piece many times over the years, finding myself more and more fascinated by it. It amazes me that a man in ancient times could have written a tale with so many strong and dominate women being featured. And yes, I know the typical ‘man stuff’ is in there, but the hero is subjugated by many female characters throughout the story. Add to that, the idea of love, family, and a peaceful home life being given such importance leads one to wonder just who was Homer and what kind of man was he?
Those questions will more than likely never be answered because little is known and even less substantiated about him. He was said to have been blind, but this isn’t known for fact. Did he even truly exist? Did he indeed write “Iliad’ and “Odyssey”? Were the two written by the same person or by many different people? If Homer did exist, was he a she? Could the “Odyssey” epic have been written by a woman or a man and a woman? These questions have been debated for years and will continue to be.
For myself, I can’t see a man from that time period creating so many extraordinary female characters and having the hero be subordinate to them. Nope, can’t see it…unless Homer was from the future (say the 24th century) and traveled back in time. Now there’s a thought. Okay, a ridiculous notion….but then some would say the idea of a woman having written it is just as silly.
 Elizabeth Melton Parsons

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