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Response to Comment: How To Write A Great Query Letter

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Thank you Malcolm. I appreciate your comment and the lead to Noah Lukeman’s free e-book, “How To Write A Great Query Letter”. I’ve downloaded and read it–an excellent resource, especially for those new to writing query letters and those of us who have been writing them for years.

A lot of the things he states are obvious and all writers should already know these things, if you don’t…you’d better learn them and quick. I only found one thing in his book that I didn’t know, and that one thing was worth the read. I’ve spent years researching query letter writing and have asked for and received many sample query letters from major publishers on what they want in one. Yet, I’ve never seen or had any mention of this one simple thing from anyone. And I can’t even begin to tell you how annoying that is. So, listen up, people…get this book and read it. It doesn’t cost anything, but a little time. Go to Amazon and download it. It could save you a lot of frustration.

I will admit I was somewhat surprised that this wonderful resource backed up one of the points I made in my previous post about being rejected on the basis of author credentials. It’s infrequent I see this much honesty on that subject.

I do think you misunderstood me, Malcolm. I still do send many queries. I just won’t query the major publishers because of their ridiculous waiting time and wanting exclusive submissions. This brings me to another thing I liked about Mr. Lukeman’s book, his position on playing the ‘waiting game’. I’ve already been doing this with the smaller presses and see no reason why I shouldn’t implement it with all my queries in future, whether to agents or small/large publishers.

Thanks again, Malcolm. Mr. Lukeman’s free book is indeed a great resource. And a big thank you to Mr. Lukeman for offering such a valuable resource free to all.




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One thought on “Response to Comment: How To Write A Great Query Letter

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