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Children Kidnapped By CPS


This is not an article on the need for reform of the Child Protective Services nationwide and I will not bore you with all the facts and figures. They are available on the Internet from any family rights organization. If interested, do your own research, as I did. There is no need for reform. The entire system should be abolished and those working within the system pushed into the real world and made to do honest work for a change. Barring that, they should be imprisoned for eagerly participating in organized criminal activity.

We’ve all heard of organized crime syndicates and the legal-looking fronts they use to get around the legal system in an attempt to hide their true criminal activities. CPS is no different. They were put into place as a legal front for a larger, more heinous organization. The front is a good one, the protection of children. Behind the scenes, it’s an organization that kidnaps or harvests children for money. There’s no denying the need to protect our most innocent of citizens. An organization governed and overseen in an appropriate manner could work as a true protection for all children, both rich and poor without violating the rights of families. CPS is NOT such an organization, never has been, never will be.

If you have money (lots of money) you need never fear your children being harvested by CPS. Not to say, they won’t come after them. The likelihood is less, and if it happens, you will have the financial resources to fight them off. It’s the poor and middle-class that need to tremble in fear of this vast, government sanctioned, and criminal organization. This is especially true of the poor. Those who have no access to legal representation other than court appointed legal counsel. Court appointed legal counsel = NO REPRESENTATION.

Anyone who has ever worked within the CPS system knows that only about ten percent of children are removed from their homes for legitimate reasons. The general public may or may not be aware of this, but even if aware, they may not know that the other ninety percent are NOT removed mistakenly or with the best of intentions. No, the children are removed intentionally to keep up the quota. CPS must keep the quota high in order to be eligible for more and more federal funding. Sometimes these children are placed in foster homes indefinitely or the parental rights are removed and the children placed for adoption. CPS covets this adoption scenario because a plan implemented by our President pays them for every child adopted out of the system. Some would say the government and The President had only the interest of the children in mind when implementing this pay off for harvested children, but no government official could possibly be that ignorant of what is going on behind the scenes of the CPS.

The gross violations of human/family/parental rights perpetrated by CPS, their arrogant disregard for the laws of this country, and their blatant denial of constitutional rights are coming to light. The public is being made aware of their criminal activities, their harvesting of children, their use of illegal threats, intimidation and misuse of law enforcement to coerce families into doing as they bid—most especially poor families who have little defense against them. Those poor are easy targets for CPS, but nowhere in our laws or the constitution is there any reference to poor family being equal to bad parents, nor should there be. In this country the poor and middle class are entitled, under the law, to the same rights as those bestowed upon the wealthy. It’s past time those rights were upheld.

 Elizabeth Melton Parsons




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50 thoughts on “Children Kidnapped By CPS

  1. I agree with you. But there is still a pretty convincing public relations campaign against the family rights movement. Although the family rights movement is becoming more organized in the US, people are becoming aware of the crimes committed against children and families by CPS, the pro-cps crowd routinely bashes parents by exploiting the most horrendous cases of abuse or neglect convincing the ignorant in society that any form of abuse or neglect is as severe as it is shown on television.


  2. I hope the public are not that ignorant or blind, but anyone can be brainwashed and that is a form of brainwashing. There are children taken daily for false accusations of abuse or neglect, there are those taken for very minor things that would never result in any harm to the children and could be corrected with a little help and education and there are those cases where the neglect or abuse is severe. The last is a very small precentage. Unfortunately many cases of severe abuse are never uncovered or investigated by CPS. Perhaps because they spend so much energy and resources in making up stories and trying to cover their behinds in the fraudulent cases they bring. A very sad situation for those children who truly need help, and for the children snatched from their parents for no legitimate reason.


    • I am currently involved in a fabricated and cookie cutter type CPS scam that is just like the internet says. Cops were called to my rental (a beautiful vacation condo in Las Vegas) because a neighbor had heard my boyfriend and I having an arguement outside. Police officers showed up at my door (the fight had stopped) my boyfriend was put on a Legal 2000 because the officers were sure he was on illegal narcotics. (Mistake number one, I allowed the police officers into my home. I should have never done that.) I on the other hand who is the biological parent to both children was left alone by LVMPD. Until 24 hours later when LVMPD says I have a ‘social worker’ from CPS that would like to talk to me. My case could go on…..but please if your would like to hear the rest contact me via email.


  3. It is refreshing to see that someone can see through the marketing campaign and see cps for who they are and what they do. How did you get so wise?
    CPS is destroying the lives of children everyday. They have no regard for what is best for the children. They are only interested in feeding the monster that keeps them employed.


  4. Amen!

    THANK YOU for your honesty, it is refreshing!

    I spend my days reading story after story about how our government (CPS and the Divorce business) are destroying our children for MONEY! Then I blog about it on


    Please take a moment to sign a petition, I plan on taking to Henry Waxman, requesting an investigation into the abuses of the federal funding and the family laws in place.


    Louise Uccio


  5. Thanks for your comments. I’ve researched this subject for a long time and spoken with both former and present case workers. Some ended their careers because of their disgust with what happens. Others feel they can’t afford to lose their jobs and will only speak anonymously. And then there are those who feel justified in everything they do.

    I used to believe if a child was removed from their parent’s home, there had to be a legitimate reason. I was that blind. Well, the blinders are off and I see clearly what CPS truly is.

    I’ve not done a lot of research on foster care, but have heard it said that more abuse occurs in foster homes than in the homes the children were removed from. After speaking with many adults who grew up in foster care, I’m inclined to believe this to be true. I know there are good and caring foster homes, but fear they are few compared to the bad ones.


  6. Yep, same organisation, just a different name.
    Or should that be, organised crime??? Our pathetic network act in the same manner, tearing families apart, destroying innocent lives, and with absolutely NO bloody remsorse!

    I have studied in the Community service field, and was sickened when i heard of how their [DoCs] system ran things…I too found my own research the best method to get ‘both sides of the story’…I witnessed a child going through the motions of this organisation and I listened as she told me some real ‘home truths’. Yes, her family scene was not a good one, and yes, she needed some intervening and support. But what did she get??

    Treated like an object, a parcel…this poor kid was passed from pillar to post, a different case-worker almost every couple of weeks, a different foster home here and there because the system was failing. Failing! This girl despised the case workers MORE than that of those who had been abusing her at home! She had lost trust, she had no real security and sitting in that the office I was horified to see these case workers were just as ignorant of her needs.
    Welfare, what is that?? What about the ‘duty-of-care’ in our society for those less fortunate? And how come we hear more and more of families under siege from these organisations when there has been no proof of any wrong-doings?? Who gave them all this power?
    When a parent cannot discipline their child without fear of repremand from these pariahs, when these strangers can walk into someone’s LIFE, and make false accusations with full authority, how do we fight for our rights???

    I will stop here because this is one subject I agree needs to be dealt with perhaps in an open forum of the community, fort to protect ourselves, and our children, yes, abolishment the ONLY solution!


  7. thank you for a great article. we need all the attention we can get on this subject.


  8. I was a victim of CPS, as were my sister and younger brother. They had no reason to even have us, as they only “crime” committed, was that my mother was dying in a hospital. Temporary placement is what they called it. It took 5 1/2 years and a very expensive lawyer to finally force CPS to give us back. But the damage was already done. I spent my time in a couple of foster homes (one that was abusive) and then in a children’s home. My sister had it the worst however. Foster home to foster home, then to organizations that abused her time and again. After all was said and done, we were a family who didn’t know each other any more. Damaged and bruised we tried to put pieces together, but for my sister there have been none repaired. For she herself fell victim again. Her children being taken as well. Her daughters were adopted out, and her son given to his father. She knew what was coming, our mother did it. But she doesn’t have money for a lawyer. So, that leads to dead in. Her son is and has been in the “system” for over 7 years. When the father could not care for him, they didn’t even contact her. She found out by accident because of a new case worker assigned to her son. He no longer works for them, for spilling the beans. They had put in her file she had no interest in contact with her child. I pray for her every day. I can’t imagine how she is surviving the torment they are doing to her.




    • I have found that every state should have an ombudsmen bureau also there is a book an other information. About the cps illegally kidnapping children a whistle blower who worked for cps wrote a book his name carlos Morales order. On Amazon also picketing this will draw the media. To you if we could get one date wheir all states could picket then it could go far an let’s not forget prayers God is. Always the answer im Cathy


  10. Parents of 2 children until 1993 canton,georgia.Forced to surrender custody of our daughter to a kidnapper that was the mastermind to a kidnapping of a girl from canton,georgia DFACS in 1981.(no one helped us stop the corrupt hearings).Every 10 years this kidnapper has gone after a child for custody to collect benefits.Meaning ( child custody predator for benefits) is protected by yours truthy the (family court kidnapping system).No parents get over something like this or let it go.


  11. I have 2 kids. I FEEL VERY bad. I DID NOT KNOW MY RIghts. on august 19,2008. both of my kids was taken from me. THE cps worker & police officer told me that both of my kids are going to foster care. I NEVER seem a court order removal. I did not have no information on my kids. when my kids went to foster care. I feel really bad cause I did not know my rights. I TOLD family & friends about my kids. everyone told me they should of had a court oder removal. I had told them no it was not that kind of removal . I said it must be another kind of removal. I wanted information on my kids. I WENT TO THE police station to get a report. the women tell me they only came on a call. I TOLD HERE both of my kids are in a foster home. she told me the police officers never did write a police report. I found on my own. what kind of removal they took my kids on. they took my kids on a emergency removal. it was nothing wrong with my kids. IM HURT cause both of my kids are still in foster care. when they take own kids they like to keep own kids only for the money. they dont care about what happen to our kids.cps is all about money. IM tryin to start my own group here in canton ohio. all families need to keep on fighting cps. we need to let everyone know about cps. it do get very hard for us as parents. dont never give up on your kids. can any on help me. both of my kids are in foster care. the worker let the foster parents take my kids to differ doctors. i still have rights with my kids. the worker she is telling me that my baby girl need a MRI. I do not want her to have no MRI. is there anything I can do to keep her from havin a MRI. I dont understand why the worker keep on telling me there is nothing I can do about it. I DO NOT THINK SHE NEED A mRI. LETS KEEP ON FIGHTING FOR OWN KIDS. CPS HAS TO BE STOP RIGHT NOW. PLEASE E-MAIL ME kindnessohio@att.net IM ONLINE ALL THE TIME. I check my e-mail everyday. since my kids are in foster care the worker she tell me something is wrong with my kids all the time I already know she lie all the time. I live here in canton ohio. anyone from ohio let get a group here to fight. to all cps worker we are not giving up on own kids. the only reson why cos has our kids for the money. please let me know what I need to do since i did not want my baby having a MRI. thanks to everyone reading my story i still a lot of help


  12. CPS is horrible. They’re going down. One day. One day.

    I did it for the lulz.


  13. http://londoncalling411.wordpress.com/

    please read. and help us get our daughter back. we can also be reached on yahoo messenger our id there is davidnlorinlondon also can be reached at flygirl_1975@msn.com


  14. this is crusaders against child abuse I’m looking for a volunteer to set up web page for people nation wide and give and recive their stories about cps and reply to each other to provide emontial support. I’m not computer litterate. my e-mail is fettersproject@hotmail.com I’m attending a CPS reform rally july 18,2009


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  17. Kidnapper menu using the Georgia courts etc. Targetting for custody, 1971 Richard orphanage boy Polk county. 1976 Robert cobb county. 1981 kidnapped Cindy out of DFCS Canton Ga., 1983 her father Leroy Cobb county. 1993 legally kidnapped our daugher Sara, Canton Ga., 2004 skylar our granddaughter. Other child(ren) were targetted, its all documented by us. The FBI, GBI, local law enforcement even laughed at us. They laughed because they had zero knowledge or common sense to learn how a person could mastermind such a bold hideous act, gaining custody using the court system or only charged for VGCSA and not the kidnapping of cindy she committed in 1981. There is also blackmail, tort crimes, pre-selling a twin sibling before birth without without the hospital or family members knowledge she even had twins. We have a story to share with the world please help us. (17) years have passed now, no help. Forever live ( Nancy Schaefer ) she had a CD of our documented proof.


  18. THE FOSTER FARMING OF THE WEST!! Why the glut of margin financed MC-MANSIONS are given perks to convert into owner operated orphanages while the ,ountless local BUREAUCRAT PARASITES such as zoning and health and the kiddie cops continue to red zone our working class communities? And the collaborative bankers foreclose in tandem so coincidentally while our local teachers colleges continue churning out socialist workers by the thousands. Isn’t it amazing how perfectly our system works? NEWS FLASH – WE ARE NOT A MATRIARCHAL SPECIES! The REAL monster we are batteling here is a GREAT CELESTIAL BITCH who is attempting to EAT HER YOUNG! Look into the future and see the order restored to our great species. GOD HELP US ALL. . . .and he will. . . .


  19. constantly to the point and simple to understand. Thanks a bunch with the valuable ideas you’ve got shared in this article.


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  26. NO ONE under ANY circumstances should EVER call ANY government authority to police political correctness into family life. The family is sacred and sovereign. The family is in fact an independent and autonomous living entity that declared its own creation and which has its own immune defense system. It heals itself as it grows and fixes glitches within its body politic. To forcibly dismember a family is technically committing MURDER ON A LIVING BEING ! ! Violence begets the same karma. The family politic is the REAL driving force propelling our great species – – AND NOT short lived socialist empires with their scorched earth final implosions.


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  28. very interesting subject , great post.


  29. I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again!


  30. Woh I love your posts , saved to bookmarks ! .


  31. Yes the cps is indeed a national disgrace, but they have so much force in effect behind them – from the many who havent been victimized YET and who roll like stupid cattle and say MOO when their neighbor is foreclosed, or the household de-patriarched, or their progeny swindled away – to the dedicated and modestly paid court system hacks who are in spirit so alien to true community and family, that one could almost imagine viewing them through special sunglasses as an alien species altogether.
    Take a HARD LOOK at your family circles, friends, neighbors, associates, and community at large. TELL THEM that NO GOVERNMENT EVER made ANY country great. WE THE PEOPLE made this country great, and that government only controls, regulates, polices and stifles creativity. If they then shrug you off for disrupting their morning buzz, or if they scramble to find some hotline to report you to – THEN THEY ARE AMONG THE MULTITUDES of parasite bureaucrats or their lackeys who put on a jew mask and make careers of gutting their fellow man.
    So so so many people work against what is right. The tremendous division in our people has become unignorably staggering.
    Napoleon CHOPPED THE HEADS OFF OF AN ENTIRE CLASS of controlling elitist bourgoese pigs, cohorts and all – and notice TODAY that France isn’t mentioned much in the ‘cps’ blitzkrieg across the west. So no kids stolen in France? They purged that elitist body politic long ago. The motto of the revolution was ‘fraternity, brotherhood and equality’ – thus French so-called socialism differs from OUR ELITIST kennedy clintonesque american royalty socialism.
    YEAH ! When they killed the king, they REALLY killed the kingship for the centuries – and the bitch queen too ! Back then, if you werent of the bourgoese elite, then you were probably of the servant class. Regardless of race, servants were all house niggas. The ‘mauster’ of the house or business could have their way with your spouse or children and you had no recourse, because you were just too poor or stupid in their eyes. WOW ! Just like today with the elitist socialists who menace us.
    So think about THAT you foster parents – you useful idiots of the scheme. You pay for your margin financed mcmansions with government perks to convert into owner operated orphanages – with children STOLEN from parents who simply can’t afford to fight your corrupt elitist system.
    And if you aren’t the ‘useful idiots’, then we can assume you to be willing participants in the crime. Perhaps you drive by trailer parks, or a humble cottage or non-conforming architecture and you SCOFF saying ”how can any kids live like that”. You look for something wrong with the place to report – trying to bag some more kids to pay for your noisy group home.
    LIKE I SAID – THE LINE IN THE SAND HAS BEEN DRAWN. And it doesn’t matter if I’ve known you for years, neighbor. The gestapo I.R.S. of the 70s and 80s employed you elitist bureaucrat parasites to terrorize main street small businessmen for the big box 90s. But that was just the independents vs walmart. But to STEAL OUR CHILDREN ? ! Now we the people are JUST PLAIN MAD !
    There is no statute of limitations on kidnapping and we will REMEMBER YOU ALL FOREVER – – from the faggott mamas boy cops who makes dates of providing armed escort to the angry feminist lesbian cps workers on their child grabs – raising the bar to AGGRAVATED kidnapping – to the robo-judges and prosecutors – to the elitist brand ‘graduated dependency’ socialist work preachers and mentors in our local extacy rave party state teachers colleges – OUR EYES ARE ON YOU ! ! PEOPLE WAKE YOUR NEIGHBOR ! ! Everybody RISE UP ! ! HELLOOO ! ! THIS IS OUR DAY people. RISE AND SHINE . . .


  32. Our grand daughter was a week ago taken from the family, she was born a year ago and right from the hospital cps stepped in because of the mothers past losing her 3 children, the two twin girls were only 2yrs old the Guardian ad item convened the court to hand them over to the mothers grandfather a 70 yr old man with no wife.

    She then had a son he also was removed and adopted by someone outside the family, the grandfather only wanted the two girls.

    In a 5 minute phone call between a friend of the mother and a social worker our grand daughter was handed over to a young woman and her boyfriend who later we discovered was smoking pot around our grand daughter and their 2 yr old son, the Guardian ad item removed her and placed in foster care instead of giving her to us,

    We started recording the conversations we had with the Gal simply because it seemed we were being fed a line every time we talked to her.

    A few moths ago the social worker called us and said that we would be getting custody of her and that they would bring her to us in a week, one day before they were to bring her they called and said that the Guardian ad item had concerns that we to our son’s criminal past to lightly and she felt that we wouldn’t protect her from our son, they then asked if there was another family member that would take her we said yes our oldest son and his wife, they came down and went through everything they needed to do.

    They started having visitaton’s at the one visitation they over heard the Guardian make a comment to the social worker that she would rather have the grand daughter stay with foster famThe next reviewily, the social worker told my son that isn’t right.

    I contacted the office of the guardian by email and told them we wanted to file a complaint against her, they responded by saying you are not a party to the case and to hire an attorney.

    We called around they all wanted $3,00


    • In finishing the story during the last review it was decided that she would be living with our oldest son and his wife, the guardian also requested a restraining order against us during this process.

      Our daughter in-law starting getting calls from the guardian stating that the foster family are very distruat over this move, the calls continued until she just couldn’t take anymore and decided to back out the custody, we’ve lost her for good it seems.


  33. START FIGHTING BACK people PLEASE! God it breaks my heart seeing familys MURDERED everyday. Give HELL to anti-family relatives, co-workers, anyone in your immediate sphere who opposes family. MAKE FAMILY SACRED ! THE FAMILY WILL SURVIVE ! ! DID YOU HEAR ME, YOU COLLECTIVIST GOVERNMENT TRASH ! ! Support the family OR ELSE we the people will BLOW YOU OUT like a birthday wish ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


  34. Another story of CPS kidnapping. I am a single dad with custody of my son since he was a toddler. He is now 16.

    During an argument about his dirty bathroom, my son became increasingly belligerent and threatening with me, physically challenging me, yelling curses at me. I reached out and grabbed him and told him to calm down and settle down and stop acting like a crazy person. He IMMEDIATELY starting screaming I was choking him to death and I would be sorry. He continued yelling and screaming until he finally wore himself out.

    OBVIOUSLY, I should have called the police myself and had him removed and evaluated. But, I’ve never even had to spank this boy.

    The next day,a Friday, he went to school and reported that I tried to kill him and he was afraid to go home. CPS called me at work at 2pm to tell me my child was not being allowed to return home because of the “danger” and that I should appear in court on Wednesday to hear the charges. I tried telling the case worker what happened and asked her specifially to drug test my son. She said “we don’t do that”

    A month later, I am still not allowed to talk to my son. The state filed assault charges and I was taken to jail, released on my own recognizance. No home visit has been made, no one has asked me any questions. CPS contacted his biological mother, who left him when he was a year old, to petition for custody.

    To describe this as a NIGHTMARE doesn’t even come close.

    HOW can these people, civil servants paid by MY taxes, completely destroy lives?

    While I was waiting at court to be booked, a man was charged with drunk driving with a baby in the car. Child endangerment. Pleaded guilty. CPS didn’t take HIS child. Thank God.


  35. These CPS people lie, exaggerate and deceive. they coach kids and try and get them to say things. they keep them from visitation so they can get aquainted with their “new’ family. they are MY kids and we will fight up to the Supreme Court… Supreme court has consistantly sided with parents rights. But when theres no money it is a hard struggle. CPS should be abolished and restructured from the ground up. Corrupt workers in CPS jailed for kidnapping (20 years +) and never allowed to work with kids again. CPS oredered to pay financial damages, especially since one of their big issues is steady legitimate income. how do parents keep that when on public assistance and disability and several hundred dollars get CUT from the family budget because the kids are no longer in the home? they create a catch 22 situation and in my case over $600 was cut per month!
    i want restitution and to sue for emotional damages, and a criminal charge against them.


  36. This is an update. I was informed we still can have no visitation and this is now 2 months without seeing our children. We were recently informed that our therapists told CPS we were not ready to see our children. We contacted our therapists and found that they had not spoken to CPS at all and it was a lie. We also found the clinic they want us to have a psychological evaluation done at is the same clinic the children go and their therapist is the head psychologist. that therapist has repeatedly coached our kids and accused us of abuse. CPS was caught in two lies. they also told us the kids are traumatized, having nightmares and behavioral problems. they claim these are happening due to abuse in the home. there never was any abuse and the children never exhibited these symptoms here. CPS is lying and has been caught but we applied to legal aid and were rejected. the legal aid # was given to us by CPS. We are at a loss except to say this state CPS is acting in a criminal way and needs to be brought to justice. the people involved need to lose their jobs and be charged, and we should be compensated for damages. they even refuse our request for taping of childrens sessions saying we have to trust the counselor. A background check on the counselor showed they do not have forensic training and are just a regular psychologist who mainly treats depression! This is outrageous and must be brought to light.


  37. Fantastic post.The CPS another entity that needs to be reformed.Great writings.Thank you for liking my poem (Treacherous Surmise.l will be following your new posts.Regards.jalal


  38. Hi Elizabeth ,thank you for following my blog.l do follow yours.Its pleasure to read your posts.jalal


  39. I’m based in the UK where I work in family law. It’s very interesting to read your article on this subject – we are about to have sweeping changes implemented to our legal aid system here and many people are worried about the effect this is going to have. It seems to me that in this economic depression the poorer families are always going to be the ones that suffer most – and not just financially. I feel that the excuse of ‘protecting the interests of children’ is becoming more and more misused over here and it seems that once the social services get involved there is little a parent (even a loving protective parent) can do to safely extricate themselves and their family from a web of interference and impossible-to-meet demands by social workers. I am hoping that our system does not disintegrate to the same level as the US system appears to have done, but I expect that it is just a matter of time, once the changes are implemented that reduce people’s access to decent legal representation.


  40. Hi Elizabet,very interesting post.Thank you for liking my post (Knowledge …) warm wishes.jalal


  41. I would love my e- mail to be published. I want the world to know my story. I have a 13y/0 step-son who is mentally challenge. Vincent did wrong he got himself in the Pike County Juvenile Justice System. And now it’s been over a year now that Vincent hasn’t been home. He is placed over an hour from home we get to visit him one hour every two weeks under strict supervision. My husband or I are not criminals but they treat us as one. Now C&Y send us a letter that if Vincent remains in the system for over 15 months he then could be placed for adoption. This is happening this is happening in America. Let this be known let Americans know what is happening to our children. Please can anyone help us.


  42. All said, the family destroying establishment mechanism continues to grow despite all we say and do, and our state teachers colleges continue churning out socialist workers by the thousands each year. Yes, we need more educated, talented and productive people, but THE LAST THING our great country needs are MORE STATE LICENCED KIDNAPPERS for gods sake.

    If ever there were a reason to spank your child, it would be if they came up to you and declared that they hate the family and wanted to grow up to be a child trafficking cps mobster. Why even A PREACHER would rather rob a bank than make ONE RED DIME from butchering ANY family. If faced with the option, it would clearly be the moral high ground. No one with any shred of decency would aspire to a life’s work of ripping babies from their mother’s arms.

    To the socialist die-hards out there, or cps ‘sharks’ if you will, the bad karma you’ve accumulated and the eternal enemies hating you beyond the grave where there is no escape – IS IT WORTH IT? Do you really despise the family with ALL YOUR HEART? Then step foreward so we can see you. Come out of the seedy shadows you operate behind. We never see you in the park or gathering with your communities you purport to ‘serve’. No, pale and obese and behind tinted glass you arrive in your ‘group’ to day-long clustered and one-sided family-bash cases. What afraid and feminine cat-box lifestyles you live with your unlisted numbers and pictureless facebooks. Late-night hob-knobbing with local power elites and mafiosos is as social as you’ll ever get, being forever estranged from WE THE PEOPLE.

    Within the hearts of your victims you have kindled fires which cannot be quenched. Only god help you. ARE YOU BLIND to not sense the coming wrath of the people? Are you smug and comfortable that so long as you drink and toast with your elitist cohorts, that your party will resume for yet another day? As you carry on then so be it. Drunk with your own power and careening towards a brick wall. And that brick wall is WE THE PEOPLE. On the day you are laid to rest, it will surely be without ceremony for you were tyrants.

    The point I’m making here is that our children are in the end pivotal to our course as a free people and nation. We must teach them to be pro-family and discipline them against being state snitches or yearning to become PLT’s (petty local tyrants) or PLB’s (petty local bureaucrats) – the great modern-day cancers.

    If your children have been abducted by FAMILY CONTROL, in addition to being in what may well be the fight of your life, you must muster all your internal anguish and fire and REACH OUT to every other child you encounter. Teach them and tell them that FAMILIES TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN! That IT IS NOT the job of government to micro-manage the family unit or to enforce political correctness into family life. Good family-loyal children are the cornerstone to family solidarity across the board, and conversely SNITCHES of all ages or ‘mandated reporters’ are the cornerstone enabling the cps to operate with any fascade of legitimacy. Without snitches, cps would have to kidnap children outright for their purposes as is done in eastern-bloc countries for example. Still the same money feuls the operation here as elsewhere in the world. Yes, the dollar bill is slimy with the blood of every war that was ever fought. The war against the family is as old as any other evil or vice you can name.

    Let it be known that violating the mandated reporter law is a mere misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed $200. Therefore anyone abiding by it must hate families or have it out for someone. At that price, such a paltry sum, it serves as no excuse to wreck someone’s family.

    Historically, the anti-family foes run the gamut from unresolved sibling rivals continuing to lash at each other as adults – all the way up to empire level class-bashing. In later middle ages, many so-called ‘witches’ were burned not for casting spells, but for going to villages persuading and urging women to become malcontent and leave their spouses. So they weren’t really witches after all – THEY WERE ANTI-FAMILY FEMINISTS!

    Now notice there are among us today poeple much like this who literally LIVE OUT THEIR LIVES to accomplish nothing more than to destroy families. Many good people can be reached, impressed upon and influenced to improve their ways, but the anti-family renegades and establishment hacks must be interacted with using extreme caution.

    Remember that THE WAR AGAINST THE FAMILY IS ON and anything you say to an anti-family despot can be twisted or can set in motion events that can at the least cause headaches within your family. Any chance they get to hurl mud at the institution of family, they seem to relish – so don’t give them the opportunity. A fateful encounter with a snitch backed by socialist services can be potentially deadly for your family, but the surviving family becomes stronger, wiser, possibly inocculated for awhile against future attack, but then over time the damages are forgotten and innocents become naive, soft, trusting of government and potentially easy prey once again. And woe the cycle repeats. Worst of all is the everpresence of the socialist service contractors that lurk 24-7 ready to sack your kids and fleece your estate.

    So is there any safe place left in this world to raise a traditional family? Yes there is. ANY PLACE CAN BE MADE SAFE when you identify the harmful anti-family individuals about you. Expose them immediately and roar the sirens on them, whether they be mutinous relatives or municipal thugs planted within your communities. With the winds of justice approaching, they shrivel like dried boogers on the wall, their ‘power’ miraculously slug-salted and no longer a whistling nuisance, but hung out to dry mummified, guilded and put in their place.

    Now before we can holler that ‘Hey kids, it’s now safe to go back out into a community of friendlies’, we must first shout the enemy down, or at least shew a Texas fly-swatter at any anti-family boogeymen in the vicinity. They aren’t hard to spot and your kids can sometimes intuitively pick them out even better than the parents! Involve your kids in the family defense. Being a kid is great especially when you’re A PART OF IT ALL! This is common sense, is it not?

    Honestly parents, can YOU spot the snitch in a room of people? Can you see beyond a persons face? Are theirs friendly eyes or are they trolling for kids, any kids, YOUR KIDS? In the presence of these foes, it’s like being on THE OPPOSITE of a hunting trip where YOU are the game. Be still and you can sense those who cast their eyes malevolently upon your spouse, your children. Places like ‘adults only’ covenant communities are no doubt filled with these un-child friendly and quite vain rabble from hell including affluent gays, but can you spot them on YOUR street? The neighbor that calls the cops on your kids BEFORE even talking to YOU about the kids cutting through their yard? The half-wit relative that hasn’t knifed you in the back to quell their progeny envy and really only because they haven’t had the opportunity window to do so and get away with it? HEY – THAT’S WHAT SOCIALIST SERVICES are for – dummy! They are the ENABLERS that have destroyed more families than all the modern wars.

    Into adulthood, anti-family people CAN’T be changed and really aren’t worth preaching to. Those of them actually employed in the family destroying professions are as unforgivable as it gets and have a ticket to hell tattooed across their forehead. Even well meaning career prospectors need to realize that government work doesn’t fix or help anything. Only YOU with your bare hands can better yourself, forge a family of your own and thus bring betterment to your world. Got it?

    In the worldly song of life, feminists are the cacophonic anti-synchronic ‘screech of nails on chalkboard’ decrying gods beautiful symphony. Without the feminist social services, the anti-family villians would be seen clearly by all in their full naked arrogance and would be identified, ostricised, un-invited from the party or congregation and forced to flee for fear of being roasted on a spit as in ages past.

    Government is only as evil as the sum of its governed. Big brother wouldn’t be big brother without little brother. Little brother is of course your prying neighbor who peers over his fence into your yard to see if you’re paying your taxes or if your building permit is valid, despite the fact that you know perfectly well how to build a shed or RAISE A FAMILY.

    I hope we fully see now cps’s government operandi from head to toe. The ‘toe’ or governmental pillar base is comprised of snitches, deputy agent enforcer little brother ‘minders’ and block captains. The ‘head’ being the tyrant bureaucrat. FLIP THE LIGHT SWITCH and expose the pillar cockroaches and tyranny’s ‘head’ comes crashing down with its hair-trigger tinfoil badge wearing enforcers and legalists or ‘twitching anus’ of government landing neatly in the middle of the heap. Picture then these anti-family legislators and kiddie-cops buried, jousting pens vs guns at each other for breathing space, jiggling the pile and eventually levelling it. Their passing would be no loss to our country. Their foul memory would perhaps ADD a verse or two to our national anthem. What a sight to see!

    An ouster of tyranny is inevitable for us and will occur as it has cyclically in civilizations past because the FORCE OF FAMILY is as strong as the life force of our human species itself. Most people at heart know right from wrong and AREN’T dumb animals and hence DO NOT require government suits barking at them. It’s time to start kicking shins and BREAK OUT of the idiotic farm people! The family must AND WILL survive. The family DOES NOT NEED external governance. The family is by its own definition self-policing and self-regulating.

    Run the bed-burning house-wrecking feminists out the door and off your poarch and the snitches off your block and the bureaucrats and tyrants out of your gated communities and alcoves and WATCH THE REST OF THE CHIPS FALL. OUT OUT OUT with them. Off the shores of our great green republic and ‘INTO THE SEA WITH THEE’.

    GOOD STORY ! !

    G’nite John boy . . . g’nite Erin . . . g’nite Jim Bob . . . Elizabeth . . . . .


“Our opinions do not really blossom into fruition until we have expressed them to someone else.” ― Mark Twain

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